The 7 Best Pneumatic Staple Guns for 2021

Hoping to buy the best staple gun for your different array of stapling works? Well, it does not matter if you are a professional or a Do-It-Yourself guy, we have a staple gun for you. Acquiring the right air staple gun will determine if your finished work comes out great or not.

In this post, we picked and reviewed Top 7 Best Pneumatic Staple Guns in 2021. After going through this review, we guaranty you will fall head over hills with our top picks. We selected only the best brands in the game from which you can choose. For your wood, upholstery, insulation, screen works, hobbies and crafts these bad boys will surmount them.

Our review cut across the following brands – Bostitch, DeWalt, Freeman, Metabo, Porter-Cable, Surebonder and Wen. Trust us when we tell you that they are the best because these brands’ products have been tested over time.

These staple guns make repair works and construction jobs a breeze. Staple guns can either be manual, electric and pneumatic however for this review we selected only pneumatic ones.

7 Best Pneumatic Staple Guns for Wood/Upholstery/Volume/Insulation Netting:

Hereunder are the best of the best pneumatic staple guns for different works for you to pick from. Please read further to know more.

Porter-Cable US58 Review:

This Porter-Cable 22 GA. 3/8-inch upholstery stapler can shoot crown staples from ¼ to 5/8 inches long. With a 185-capacity magazine, this nailer gets you going for longer without downtime – an ideal tool for your upholstery jobs.

Weighing only 2 pounds this stapler can be used with ease and minimal hand fatigue. It operates with a pressure of between 70 – 120 psi and can be used in trigger firing mode for efficiency.


  • Lightweight and portable for easy use
  • It comes with a steel top cap for durability
  • Its 1-inch extended nose makes for limited clearance fastening
  • It has a rear exhaust that helps in directing air, oil or condensation away from the user
  • Its magazine can be loaded conveniently from the bottom
  • Clearing jams can be done easily because the driver moves back with the magazine so you can remove jammed nail when you open the magazine.
  • 3-year warranty + 1-year free service + 90-day money-back guarantee

Bostitch 651S5 Stapler Review:

Designed to shoot 16 GA. staples from 1 to 2 inches, the Bostitch 651S5 can work perfectly with optional adaptor for vinyl siding. Armed with sequential and contact trigger this 7/16-inch construction stapler features fires 10 or more staplers in one second.

Weighing only 4.2 pounds the 651S5 can be used all day without hassles. With a magazine capacity of 160 staples and operating pressure of 70-120psi, the 651S5 stands as a contractor’s companion.


  • It features a tool-free jam clearance that increases efficiency and eliminates downtime
  • At a weight of 4.2 pounds, you have a lightweight stapler at hand.
  • You can manipulate the depth of drive of nails with its depth of drive control for quick depth adjustment
  • It comes with a vinyl siding adapter for perfect siding installation.
  • Ergonomic Handle with a contoured grip that offers comfort to the user
  • The 651S5 work seamlessly on vinyl siding, plywood sheathing, wood shingles, roof decking etc.
  • With a whopping 7-year limited warranty this tool represents peace of mind.

DeWalt Brad Nailer Kit (DWFP12231) Review:

This brad nailer can drive 18-gauge brad nails with length from 5/8 to 2-inches making it a versatile pneumatic tool. Fastening decorative molding, shoe molding, casing and kitchen crown, the DWFP12231 does them perfectly.

Built with a maintenance-free motor, this DeWalt Brad nailer will stay operational for longer. With a magazine capacity of 100 nails and 70-120 psi, this workhorse will handle your projects like a pro.


  • Equipped with a maintenance-free motor you don’t have to worry about messy oil stains and also the motor type will prolong the life of the tool.
  • It comes with a removable non-marring nose tip that keeps the work surface free from damage
  • With rear exhaust that helps channel dirt and air away from the work surface
  • Comfortable rubber grip and other great safety features
  • Features a Tool-free depth-of-drive adjustment for accurate nail setting
  • Tool-free jam remover and adjustable belt hook for safekeeping of the tool
  • It comes with sequential style trigger
  • At just 2.65 pounds the DWFP12231 is lightweight
  • It comes with a magnesium body for durability
  • 3-year warranty + 1-year free service + 90-day money-back guarantee

Surebonder 9600B Review:

Surebonder Pneumatic Heavy-Duty Standard T-50 Type Stapler can help you through projects and repairs two times faster than other staplers. The 9600B works perfectly for upholstery, woodworking jobs, insulations, fencing and screen repairs and so on.

Equipped with great features like a fast release magazine, softened grip and other improved safety features. The lightweight of this stapler makes it easy to maneuver and an important tool for the DIY enthusiast.

Ranking as one of the top staplers, this heavy-duty stapler can handle countless construction applications operating at 60 – 100psi. It comes with a 100-staple magazine for prolonged use.


  • It comes with a soft rubber handle for the much-needed comfort during operation.
  • Its quick-release magazine allows seamless loading of staples.
  • It has a staple viewer to ensure the stapler never runs out of staples.
  • It comes with a ¼ inch quick-release connector.
  • It shoots Surebonder #4 staples or Arrow T50 type staples.
  • It’s compatible with narrow crown 3/8 inch 18-gauge wire staples from ¼ to 9/16 inch.
  • The stapler has a drop-in staple loading feature that makes on-the-job refills fast.
  • Equipped with an adjustable air exhaust
  • 90 days warranty

WEN 61721 Review:

The WEN 61721 pneumatic brad nailer can fire 18-gauge brads with length from 3/8 to 2 inches. It comes with a 106-nail spring-loaded magazine which makes for seamless and fast reloads. Equipped with a lightweight body and rubber-coated handle for stress-free use. Operating from 60 to 115 psi with its 1/4 -inch NPT air inlet fitting this nailer does not back down on jobs.

It has a side gauge window to help the user see the nail level during operation. It also has an adjustable air exhaust which helps channel air output away from the user.


  • It comes with a depth adjustment wheel and a quick release magazine
  • Equipped with a hassle-free nose latch makes jam clearing seamless and quick
  • With its rotatable exhaust, it can manage output air properly.
  • It features a powder-coated finish which protects the nailer’s body from wear and tear.
  • It includes 2000 nails for versatile operation
  • Backed with a 2-year warranty

Freeman PFWS Review:

The Freeman 20-gauge 9/16-inch pneumatic fine wire stapler can shoot 20-gauge glue collated fine wire staples. At 60 to 100psi, the PFWS can handle upholstery jobs, insulation, picture frames, screen work, hobbies, crafts and so on.

This stapler makes for fast and professional results for repair and home improvement projects either as a DIY person or contractors. The Freeman PFWS is designed to last for longer.


  • This stapler can use 20-gauge fine wire staples from ¼ to 9/16-inch
  • It comes with a seamless rear-loading magazine of 100 fastener capacity
  • For durability, the PFWS is made with an anodized aluminum magazine and cylinder
  • Its ergonomic structure makes it lightweight and rugged for all day use
  • Built with a comfort grip handle that minimizes weariness and increases control
  • It comes with no-mar tips for damage control on work surfaces
  • Equipped with a 360-degree adjustable exhaust that makes for exhaust air dispersal
  • Also equipped with air filter and anti-dust cap that protects its internal components from foreign bodies and prolong the tool life
  • 7 years limited warranty

Metabo HPT Finish Stapler (N3804AB3) Review:

Looking for a good finish stapler, the Metabo N3804AB3 happen to be your best bet. It can work for internal and external trim jobs, cabinetry, furniture and many other finish projects.

With only 2.3 pounds the N3804AB3 is easy to use. This Metabo HPT can use 18-gauge narrow crown staples with length from ½ to 1½ inches. It can operate with pressure from 70 – 120psi.


  • It comes with a no-mar tip that makes for scar and dent-free work surface
  • It comes with a 100-capacity magazine for maximum efficiency
  • Equipped with an ergonomic grip that provides comfort and a secure hold during operation.
  • Its tool-less depth adjustment makes it possible for easy setting of nail depth for the best professional look in finished work.
  • Tool-free jam clearance feature for fast and hassle-free jammed staple extraction
  • Bump/Sequential firing mode
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty


Q: Besides A Pneumatic Staple Gun, Can I Buy An Electric Gun?

A: If you are into light home repairs, you can go ahead and purchase an electric gun. However, if you are into heavy-duty stapling, then your best bet is a pneumatic staple gun.

Q: Is It Possible For A Staple Gun To Staple Into Wood?

A: A staple gun can staple into wood and other materials which include plastic, fabric and upholstery.

Q: Why Do Staplers Have A Large Magazine Capacity?

A: Stapling upholstery requires a large number of staples, hence instead of constant reloading then the makers solve the problem by making the magazine large enough to hold much more.

Q: A What Occasion Would You Use A Pneumatic Stapler?

A: A pneumatic staplers can answer the question of versatility hence can work well in upholstery works, cabinetry, woodworking and other various application. [1]

Q: What Does The 22 GA. 3/8 Mean In Staples Sizes?

A: The abbreviation “GA” means the gauge of the wire and the part of an inch is the length of the shank of the staple.

Q: Can Anyone Use A Pneumatic Staple Gun?

A: Some staple guns are complicated, hence require adequate knowledge to use them. Hence seek the advice of qualified training agents to obtain the permit to use one. [2]


Now that you have read our 2021 reviews and top picks of the Top 7 Best Pneumatic Staple Guns, we are sure whichever one you choose shall deliver.

However, only ensure you pick the staple gun that meets your lifestyle, workload, job type, knowledge and budget. For you first-time buyers we trust this article has cleared your confusion.

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