Best AeroPro Roofing Nailer For 2021

Today, we shall be looking at roofing nailers again because securing shingles or fiberglass to your roof requires one of the top nailers. Now for this mission, we recommend AeroPro Roofing Nailer for your roofing need this 2021.

This heavy-duty nailer came specially prepared from the factory for your nailing jobs. The nailer shoots nails to secure shingles together to prevent them from falling off your roof.

Now sit back, kick off your shoes and read more about this wonder roofing nailer.

About AeroPro Tools Company

With well above 200 products on the market, AeroPro has positioned herself in leading in the innovative way of solving everyday challenges. After putting 20 years of their devoted experience and commitment to their products and customers, AeroPro has won the hearts of more than 200 million users.

Base in Zhejiang Province, China, the company has one vision: To produce the best heavy-duty air tools and accessories to all kinds of air tool users. This vision fired them to attain the highest standard in producing, distributing (export), developing with the aid of science and technology different grades of pneumatic tools.

AeroPro CN45N Review:

The AeroPro CN45N Coil Nailer comes off the shelve with an aircraft-grade bumper, hence it’s resistant to wear. This purposely-built professional nailer can be used in the most extreme roofing environment. Though lightweight but this bad boy can work on extensive professional projects. You will never complain of fatigue after long hours of use.

This powerful nailer can drive standard 15-degree wire collated roofing nails from ¾ to 1¾ inches long.


Stepped Adjustment Function:

This feature helps the user without hassles set different length nails. The adjustment work toolless.

Ergonomic Handle:

It comes with a soft grip handle for needed comfort and ease of control.

Trigger Lock-Off:

You can disable the trigger of the CN45N when you are not using it.

Superior Motor:

With a powerful high-performance motor this coil nailer will handle the largest of roofing projects without any downtime. It also comes with an adjustable exhaust diffuser. Its cylinder engine moves to make for low recoil.

Dual Firing Mode:

Equipped with sequential or contact fire trigger for versatility and speedy operation.


With a strong aluminum alloy die-cast body, this nailer combines both lightness and strength.

Negligible Jam Rate:

The CN45N has a low jam rate which stands at 0.03%.


  • Manufacturer: AeroPro
  • Model Number: CN45N
  • Net Weight: 6.3 pounds
  • Dimension: 11.13 x 5 x 10.63 inches
  • Operating Pressure: 80 – 120 psi
  • Power Source: Air
  • Fastener Type/Gauge: 15 Degree Wire Collated Nails
  • Fastener Length: ¾ – 1¾ inches
  • Magazine Angle: 15 degree
  • Magazine Capacity: 120 nails
  • Depth Adjustment: Present
  • Dry Fire Lockout: Absent
  • Firing Mode: Sequential with contact trigger
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty

Roofing Nailer Vs Hand Nailers:

You might be stuck with the thought of either investing so much into acquiring a roofing nailer or just using a manual one. Well, don’t sweat it, we are here to convince you as to why you should buy a roofing nailer. Now, except you are a professional contractor, you might not use your nailer regularly. Hence, you think that it’s not that important.

However, we shall prove to you that a roofing nailer remains the safest and fastest tool for your nailing jobs.

Let us consider the following reasons why you should invest your money into purchasing a roofing nailer:

  1. Using a roofing nailer require little efforts and the result – perfection! However, using a manual method takes a lot of hard work and time.
  2. Using a roofing nailer takes a little time to complete a large project contrary to the number of hours of hard labor of the hammer.
  3. If you want accurate nailing, you don’t want to rely on a manual nailer. A roofing nailer does precise and accurate nailing. With it, you can determine nail drive depths and all.
  4. Different injuries are associated with using regular hammer and nails in roofing jobs. Do know that roofing nailers remain the safest tool for working on roofs. The accidents associated with roofing nailers are minimal.

Roofing Nailer Maintenance/Safety Tips:

The thin line that separates a broken nailer and an operational one is maintenance. A well-maintained nailer will serve you longer than an ill-maintained one. Apart from maintenance, safety tips also go a long way to preserve the nailer and the user. Below are points put together to safeguard your nailer and you the user.

  • Always put on protective gears like safety goggles, gloves. helmet etc. when operating a power tool.
  • Keep your nailer free from dust and always hang it or keep it in a safe place when not in use
  • Clean and lubricate your nailer regularly
  • Avoid dry-firing or unintentional firing of the nailer because this can lead to injury to you or damage to the nailer
  • Ensure the rubber grip is dry and free from oil or grease. This way you will avoid the nailer falling or sliding from your hand during use
  • Ensure you use the right nail size and type
  • Do not allow solvents or other liquids contact with the rubber parts of the nailer it might lead to damage of those rubber parts like the O-rings or seals.
  • Do not dip the nailer inside water or any liquid
  • Avoid using the nailer in extremely cold weather condition
  • If you do not know how to service your nailer or not sure if you can, then contact your vendor or an expert.


Q: Where Is The Country Of Origin Of This Product?

A: China

Q: What Is The CFM Requirement Of This Coil Nailer?

A: This gun’s CFM requirement stands at 3.3CFM

Q: In The Absence Of A Roofing Nailer, Can I Use Any Other Available Nailer For A Roofing Job?

A: Absolutely not! Roofing nailers are made purposely to work on roofs. If you use any kind of nailer, you might end up having the shingles not fastened tightly together. This may lead to the roofs being blown off by strong wind – a total waste of time, effort and resources. Bottom line, get a roofing nailer for all your roofing jobs – it’s not negotiable.


We trust that this review has supplied you with enough information to help you in buying AeroPro Roofing Nailer for 2021 as a tool for your next roofing projects. We know that as you have gone through up to this extent, then you will have made up your mind to buy it. Note that this nailer will handle your heavy-duty project like a pro. You will not be disappointed because it will not just meet your expectation but will surpass it!

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