The 2 Best DEWALT Flooring Staplers

We are taking a trip to the world of DEWALT, a well-known name in the power tool market. We are not going to review all their awesome products but just two. We shall be looking at the 2 Best DEWALT Flooring Staplers for this 2021. If you are looking for a tool to buy for that new flooring project you just won, then you are in the right place.

DEWALT as a company was founded in the year 1924 by Raymond DeWalt. And, many years down the line, the company has broken new grounds to be what it is today. It also underwent different stages of development and metamorphosis and have to its credit above 200 cordless power tools and 800 accessories in the market.

Today, DEWALT makes an array of power tools in diverse manufacturing plants in the US, Canada, and a few other countries. Ranking as one of the best brands in the world, the brand represents quality. No wonder, it can be found in homes, job sites and workshops.

Top Rated DEWALT Flooring Staplers for Sale:

DEWALT DWFP12569 Review:

The DEWALT 2-in-1 Flooring Tool comes off the shelve purposely-built for hardwood or engineered flooring. Using it guarantees maximum comfort due to its ergonomic long handle.

The handle comes with a comfortable rubber grip which comes handy when driving 15.5GA Staples and 16GA L-Cleats from 1½ – 2 inches. This pneumatic tool can work on different flooring thicknesses thanks to interchangeable base plates (½ inch, 5/8 inch and ¾ inch)


Durable Blade:

The DWFP12569 comes equipped with a built-to-last superior hardened driver blade.

Mar Protection:

This DeWalt 2-in-1 tool comes with interchangeable base plates that protect the work surface from marring. Switch the plates for ½ inch through ¾ inch flooring with ease.

Ergonomic Design:

The DWFP12569 has an ergonomically framed long handle. At the end of the handle, you find a rubber grip for prolonged and fatigue-free use.

Professional Driving Action:

This flooring tool comes with mallet-actuated pneumatic driving action which makes driving fasteners consistent. The consistent action makes for easier installation.


  • Manufacturer: DeWalt
  • Model Number: DWFP12569
  • Net Weight: 10.2 pounds
  • Dimension: 20.35 x 3.2 x 22.1 inches
  • Operating Pressure: 70 – 100 psi
  • Power Source: Air
  • Fastener Type/Gauge: 15.5GA Staples
  • Staple Crown: ½ inch
  • Fastener Length: 1½ – 2 inches
  • Magazine Capacity: 100 staples
  • Warranty: 3 Year Limited Tool Warranty + 1 Year Free Service + 90 Day Money Back Guarantee

DEWALT DCN682M1 Review:

With a brushless motor powered by a DEWALT 20V MAX* Lithium-ion battery, the DCN682M1 gets the job done without hassles. This 18-Gauge Flooring Stapler can drive 18-Gauge ¼ inch narrow crown staples from ½ to 1½ inch. It works perfectly on solid and engineered hardwood of between 3/8 to 5/8 inch thick.

For your small as well as large projects, this workhorse will confront them head-on. The DCN682M1 perfectly blends the features of an air tool and that freedom of a cordless to produce an ultimate user experience.


Number 1:

This DeWalt cordless happens to be the first battery-powered flooring stapler ever, which makes it special.

Hassle-Free Usage:

Being battery operated means that you don’t have to worry about gas, compressor or hose.

Tool-Free Features:

The DCN682M1 comes with different tool-free features that make usage seamless. It has a tool-free adjustable base which accommodates diverse flooring thickness. Also, it has a tool-free selectable trigger that allows fast and sequential actuation modes. Finally, it has an integrated tool-free release lever for resetting the driver blade during a stall.

Easy Loading:

Loading staples into the DCN682M1 requires little effort owing to its bottom load magazine. Besides loading, removing jammed fasteners is easy.

Multi-functional Lights:

Its multi-functional lights illuminate the work area and help in tool diagnostics.

Brushless Motor:

Equipped with a brushless motor which makes for ultimate runtime and durability.

Quick + Clean Installation:

Hoping for a tool that does the job fast and clean? Well, this tool does. It has a high visibility tongue engagement which allows users to deliver installations quickly. Furthermore, while doing that, its non-marring profile tips keep the flooring scratch-free.


The tool comes with a paddle trigger which provides multiple angle usage.


  • Manufacturer: DeWalt
  • Model Number: DCN682M1
  • Net Weight: 6.2 pounds
  • Dimension: 11.7 x 3.7 x 12.2 inches
  • Operating Pressure: 70 – 100 psi
  • Power Source: Battery (20V MAX*)
  • Fastener Type/Gauge: 18GA Staples
  • Staple Crown: ¼ inch (narrow)
  • Fastener Length: ½ – 1½ inches
  • Trigger Type: Paddle Trigger
  • Warranty: 3 Year Limited Tool Warranty + 1 Year Free Service + 90 Day Money Back Guarantee


Q: My DEWALT Cordless DCN682M1 Flooring Stapler Refused To Actuate Although Its Lights Are On, The Motor Running But The Driver Blade Stuck Down. What Could Be The Matter And How Can It Be Resolved?

A: This problem could be as a result of one of the following – damaged driver/return assembly, damaged return system or debris in nosepiece.

Solution: To fix this issue, following the steps in order of the cause of the problem:

  • Replace driver/return assembly (contact an authorized expert)
  • Replace the return system (contact an authorized expert)
  • Clean nosepiece

Q: How Do I Clean And Lubricate My DEWALT Cordless Flooring Stapler?

A: Cleaning and lubricating your cordless flooring stapler requires that you take precautions to avoid damaging the tool. Please follow the steps below to carefully.


  • Put on your safety glasses to protect your eyes before you start
  • Blow out dust and dirt from all vents with clean dry air at least once every week
  • Apply water and mild soap on a clean piece of cloth to dampen it, then use it to clean the tool. Do not use harsh chemicals or solvents on the non-metallic parts. Keep water or liquid from getting into the tool and do not immerse in water.


Do not spray or apply lubricant inside the tool. If you do you are shortening the life span of your tool.

DEWALT, properly lubricate their tools from the factory during production, hence it does not lubrication. However, the company recommend that the tool should be sent to an authorised expert once a year for cleaning and inspection.

Q: Help Why Do Fasteners Jam In My DEWALT 2-In-1 DWFP12569 Flooring Stapler?

A: You will experience jam if you used the wrong sized fastener or using worn-out driver channel or loose magazine/nose screws or even broken/chipped driver.

The solution to this problem includes replacing worn out parts or use recommended fasteners or avoid bent fasteners or tightening all screws.

Q: In Winter, Air Hoses Are Known To Freeze; What Can I Do To Keep Working In Winter Using My DEWALT 2-In-1DWFO12569 Flooring Stapler?

A: Experts recommend that you use winter formula air tool lubricant or permanent antifreeze (ethylene glycol) lubricant.


You should not be at a lose any longer as to which DEWALT tool to buy owing to the review. You have read about the 2 Best DEWALT Flooring Staplers and based on the information you have made your choice.

Now, coming to the same company, they both represent top-notch quality and advanced features. Hence, whichever one you choose, the promise will be delivered.

Make sure you make your purchase today and end the procrastination. Go for it!

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