Top 2 Best Fermentation Starter Kits: 2021 Review and Guide

Before the advent of modern-day food preservation methods, humans always made sure to have their meals fresh, healthy and nutrition. But did you know fermentation is a practice that embodies a long-standing practice over the years?

Well, most modern food processing practices rely heavily on fermentation and it’s not for nothing. It is a process in which bacteria break down sugars to lactic acid. In the end, you get more enzymes and useful bacteria (Probiotics) which are beneficial to the human body.

It goes against a myth that bacteria are bad. While you may have been sanitizing your food to get rid of dirt, it turns out such is a practice that puts your health at stake.

The truth is that the human body constitutes a large percentage of bacteria that DNA in a ratio of 10:1.

How interesting is that? Well, it time you started consuming fermented foods; maybe you will begin to understand why that is the case.

In this post, once again walks you through a journey of finding the best products. This time, we review the best fermentation starter kit.

If you have been looking for one to no avail, we’ve got everything you need to know. We wouldn’t want you to buy anything substandard. Let’s take a dive in and find out more.

Understanding The Fermentation Process:

While fermentation is a simple process of bacteria breaking down sugars into lactic acid, it can only take place successfully when the following are present:

  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Bacteria (Probiotics)
  • Oxygen-deprived environment.

With the above ingredients and conditions, the fermentation process begins. It is, however, noteworthy that not everything you will be fermenting requires Probiotics.

Veggies such as cabbage have their sugars that speed up fermentation. Sugar is the medium/culture in which bacteria reproduce, thus, acts as fuel.

Salt is necessary because it establishes an environment that boosts the growth of bacteria while killing off harmful ones. Absence of oxygen promotes the growth of bacteria. [1]

lacto fermentation

Best Fermentation Starter Kits For The Money: Top Picks By Scratch Magazine

Buyers often complain about making wrong choices when buying fermentation kits. And while some learn from their mistakes, good reviews should help you in the future.

We help you avoid such unfortunate situations in this review. Take a look at our top picks of the best fermentation starter kit.

FERMENTOLOGY Simply Sauer Fermentation Starter Kit

From FERMENTOLOGY, we bring you Simply Sauer Fermentation Starter kit. It comes with 2 lids, a pump and two stones (weights). After scouring the web for the best kit to help you start making Probiotics at home, it caught our attention as the best kitchen accessory for the money.

Whether you would like to ferment kimchi, veggies or sauerkraut, you’ve found the best kit for making ideal Probiotics in a homemade culture.

In the delivery package of FERMENTOLOGY Simply Saucer Kit, you will vital kits such as a mason jar (wide mouth), a pump for removing oxygen, airlock lids and 2 Sauer stones.

With two mason jars serving as home fermentations, use the weights to pull down recipes mixed with brine for the best results.

It has an auto CO2 release vent so you don’t have to check for burping. FERMENTOLOGY Simply Saucer Kit is arguably one of the easiest to use and the best part of it is that you save lots of money on the go.

ReCAP Mason Jars Fermentation Starter Kit

The second fermenting kit we found worth the money is reCAP Mason Starter Kit. It is a complete package coming with a jag weighing 20 ounces, 4-ounce weight, an airlock, stopper, and 25-ounce Himalayan pink salt.

In this kit, you also find a user manual with instructions on how to get started and vital recipes. You can download a complete eBook guide from the manufacturer’s website.

If you have experience in fermentation, you can start right away. Moreover, reCAP Mason Jar Fermentation starter Kit is also suitable for beginners who want to the process bit by bit. It is easy to use at home.

And with a one-way air valve (airlock), CO2/liquid flows, while preventing oxygen from getting into the kit. With this type of airlock, this kit doesn’t require monitoring or maintenance when in use.

The package features FDA-approved materials, which are also BPA-free. While they are predominantly plastic components, all of them meet the highest quality standards. ReCAP Mason Jar Fermentation starter Kit is dishwasher-safe, freezes without breaking and resistant to stain.

If you are a look for a top-fermenting kit brand from the U.S, there you have it. Nothing beats a kit that is durable and eco-friendly products in this age and time. Learn how to make Probiotics at home on the go with this kit. For rusty lids, there are easy, long-lasting and convenient replacements.

Instruction manuals that come with reCAP kits focus on three recipes namely ginger carrots, salsa, and hot sauce.

But once you download the comprehensive eBook, you get access to other recipes such as honey garlic, giardiniera, kimchi, small-batch beer, and kombucha and Cherrie tomatoes.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Fermentation?

Thus far, most people will agree that fermentation is a relatively simple process, but necessary. However, apart from knowing the basics, its overall benefits to your health are also worth noting.

They could be the trigger that prompts you to take a challenge of fermenting veggies. Who knows, it may be what you need to boost your digestive enzyme count. [2]

Now, before you can get your hands on mason jars, saucers and beaker to start a process of culturing Probiotics, here are everything you need to know about the benefits of fermentation:

It Reduces Your Sugar Cravings

Sugar, while a necessary ingredient in the foods we consume everyone, uptake of it in excess is harmful. Well, you can cut down intake proportionately by eating fermented foods. But first, it is important to note that apart from poor dieting, stress, excess antibodies and sugar in the body is a recipe for reduced Probiotics.

If you hardly take fermented veggies or any other food, a situation arises where instead of your body having plenty of useful gut flora/bacteria, pathogenic (unhealthy) bacteria such as fungus and yeast take over the gut. An imbalance in gut bacteria triggers sugar cravings.

An Improved Digestion

Fermentation does not only produce healthy bacteria for your gut but also useful enzymes. Biology states that enzymes help in digestion by breaking down large food particles into simple absorbable forms. They also help with the elimination of excess nutrients during digestion.

If you always end up with a bloated stomach after a meal, it is most likely a situation of inadequate enzymes in your digestive system. It also denotes that instead of eating readily food fermented, you rely on internal fermentation. The latter always results in the production of excess gas, hence bloating.

A Boost To Body Immunity

Whichever way you look at it, your body needs proper immunity against pathogen invasion. It is noteworthy that the digestive tract is part of the body’s immune system. When you eat, your gut’s lining plays a crucial role in determining nutrients that go into the bloodstream and the ones it eliminates as waste.

In this regard, the gut is your first defense line, usually sounding danger alarm-vomiting or diarrhea.

By indicating that fermentation is a boost to immunity, we mean that the more diverse are gut flora/bacteria; the better is your body in combating unwanted pathogens.

Eases Waste Elimination

Stats from the United States department of health indicate that more than 70 million Americans suffer from digestive disorders. But here is the catch: did you know lack of essential gut bacteria is largely to blame?

Well, poop is often a window into one’s health. It could be that your gut eliminates half-digested food (rough poor) or a soft one. Most importantly, if you often experience bloats and irregular disposal of gut waste, you are most likely suffering from a deficiency in useful gut flora.

Consumption Of Fermented Food Triggers A Good Mood

There are many reasons why you could be getting moody at the slightest chance. But did you know bacteria in the gut have always established neural pathways through which your brain communicates with the body?

Well, a relatively new study indicates that when there is enough gut useful gut flora (lactobacillus) in the body, your brain picks up this information then relays a feel-good (GABA) hormonal response.


Are you ready to start fermenting your veggies? Well, apart from fermentable carbohydrates-disaccharides, monosaccharide, oligosaccharides, and polyols which the digestive system finds easy to break down, everyone needs a fermentation starter kit. With this review, we hope you’ve finally got what you need at the right place and time.

We would, therefore, wish to hear from you. Please share your experience, opinion or suggestion in the comment section below. Moreover, if you know anyone looking to put money on the best fermentation starter kit, show them you care by sharing this post across social media.

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