Beekeeping Supplies near Me: Best Place to Buy Equipment

Honey is always going to drive your taste buds into a wild frenzy. It is the sweetest thing you can ever eat with your butter, bread or as a food topping.

It is why; for thousands of years, beekeepers around the world have never run out of customers.

That is not to mention that numbers of those who would wish to venture into apiculture keep rising. Moreover, there are hundreds of beekeeping supplies near you-selling the best equipment to get you started.

But before you can leap further into learning everything about beekeeping, it is important to first of all, ask vital questions. For example, which skills do you need to become a professional beekeeper?

Are there books on apiculture that will move you from a novice to an expert? What makes for the best beekeepers starter kit?

Well, the above questions can go on and on. However, not until you can learn the basics, keeping these wild insects can be a nightmare. You may want to join a beekeepers club near you and that’s okay.

Most importantly, when you have the right information at your fingertips-regarding where to buy essential apiculture supplies, everything about keeping bees becomes a breeze. Do you still want to learn more?

Well, dive in for more details…

How to Find the Best Beekeeping Stores near Me

If you’ve always harbored a desire to become a top beekeeper, chances are you’ve searched for the best beekeeping stores. But here is the catch. Did you find the best supplier for everything you need to set up an apiary? Well, not many would nod in the affirmative.

Here at Scratch Magazine; we always endeavor to help our readers find the best products for the money. In this post, we ignite your desire to keeping bees by exploring the nattiest and grittiest and also review the best apiary accessories.

Decide What You Want For Your Bees

If you don’t make the right decisions about things bees need, you run into headwinds. Beekeepers face many challenges but none will throw your plans into disarray like failing to set up a good hive.

Bees need a suitable location and proper housing-a place where they have access to flowers and feel free. It is, therefore, your responsibility to establish the right conditions for them.

Go Through Reviews Or Ask Your Friends To Recommend A Good Store

In this age and time, information is power. It means having access to the right information regarding beekeeping will edge you a step closer to becoming a professional. On the web, you will find everything you need to know.

From product reviews on eCommerce stores-shedding light on the best items for the money to product ratings; the internet is a rich source of information on matters of apiculture.

Moreover, you can ask friends, presumably active apiarists about where to find vital supplies.

The Brands Offered

By now, we assume that your interest in becoming a professional beekeeper is gaining momentum. Thus, it should bring you to this question: Which are the best brands that define top quality supplies?

The truth is that as would-be beekeepers continue to soar in numbers, manufacturers of essential suppliers such as beehives, smokers, and gloves want to provide the best toolkits.

It is why; knowing the best brands will move you from a novice to a professional. In this review, we will walk you through top selected brands such as VIVO, GOODLAND, MASON and many others to get you on the move.

You don’t want to spend lots of money buying essential supplies for your apiary only to end up harvesting low-quality honey.

After-Sales Service

Another vital consideration to make when looking for top supplies for beekeeping is after-sales services. The most important question you should ask is this: Are you buying items from a supplier that will always be on standby you need technical advice?

Well, while experienced apiculturists may not need advice on where to find a good queen bee, it is a story for an amateur.

It is why; shopping for vital supplies is not something about which to rush. Rather, weigh your options before choosing a supplier.

Supplier Capabilities

Another factor that should play significance in your search for the right supplies is the capability of a supplier.

Are they experienced and knowledgeable apiculture? Do they stock the best products in the market? Supplier capabilities will always have a strong link with these questions.


If you want to start keeping bees and succeed in it, find a supplier who will be available in the hour of need.

The catch here is that even with so many stores nearby, not all will live up to delivering vital farm necessities consistently and on time.

At some point, some will run out of stock- a situation that can be very inconveniencing.

Aligned Values

Values that beekeepers share vary from one apiculturists’ club to another. It is why; when you go out searching for a local store to supply your apiary with beekeeping essentials, find out if their values align with yours.

Come to think about it. Would it help you grow and become an established apiculturist if your supplier has zero interest in the activity?

Well, not at all. People with whom you share interests and values will, therefore, help you realize your dreams.

What Beekeeping Supplies and Tools You Require?

Now, having looked at important considerations to take when choosing a supplier, the next question is this: Which are some of the tools and beekeeping suppliers you need? Well, takes you through some of them as follows:

A Beehive

The moment you venture into apiculture; either as an economic or pastime activity, you need a hive. It is housing for bees, inside of which they draw honey.

Some of the most common hives are Langstroth and top-bar. While plastic boxes have become commonplaces, bees love natural habitats. A wooden hive is, therefore, the best choice any day.

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A Veil

While you can always a knit a DIY veil at home to cushion you against stings, a good supplier nearby should provide you with the best, if not variants from which to choose. A veil protects your face, eyes, nostrils, and mouth from stings. (check: top 7 best beekeeping veils)


Veils aren’t the only proactive gear beekeepers need. Your hands too need protection. Experienced apiarists will tell you that any glove can do, but it’s never too late to order one from a local store.

A Smoker

A smoker is a must-have tool for every beekeeper. It renders worker bees docile and harmless.

(check: Best Bee Smokers and Bee Smoker Fuels)

An Apiarist Suit

Full body protection is another factor to take into consideration. In this regard, the beekeepers’ suit should come to mind. Jumpsuits are popular but anything that cushions you against stings is worth taking.

You shouldn’t run a risk of harvesting honey without having protective gear on your body. (Check: Best Sting Proof Bee Suit, Best Bee Jacket with Veil)

A Hive Tool, A Scraper, And Extractor

You need a hive tool to disassemble your hive before reaching honeycomb.  With it also comes a scraper-a tool that you need to scrap off honey from beeswax or honeycomb.

A honey extractor, which you can buy from a local shop or eCommerce stores, will help you extract honey from beeswax frames. [1]

Best Place to Purchase Beekeeping Supplies and Tools for Beginners

Thus far, we are drawing closer to finding out which suppliers will transform your apicultural practices. But first, knowing where to purchase beekeeping supplies is a vital step going forward.

With most experienced apiculturists getting essential things like beehives from selected shops, you may want to follow in their footsteps, right?

Well, shopping for supplies is one thing, but being a wise shopper is another. The following are, therefore, places from where you buy/rent vital tools and other necessities for your apiary:

Ecommerce Shopping Platforms

Online eCommerce/retail stores have become popular destinations for shoppers around the world. If you are a beekeeper, they are places you should check out for wide-ranging products at competitive prices. [2]

Rent From An Apiary

If you do not want to buy new equipment for your apiary, renting supplies will do. You can locate nearby apiaries that rent out their items using Google map or ask friends for directions.

Rent From Retirees

Starting an apiary isn’t going to an easy undertaking, especially if you have little or no experience. But if you can buy or rent supplies from beekeeping retirees, it will save you lots of money.

Local Stores

Check out local stores nearby that stock apiculture supplies. It could save you lots of money too.

Tips for Buying Beekeeping Accessories

Before we review the best accessories for an apiary, let’s help you shop like a professional.  The following are tips to have in mind before placing an order:

  • It is important to always go for the best brands.
  • Take a close look at buyer reviews and ratings on shopping platforms. They provide vital insights into things you might not know.
  • Shop from stores that stock wide-ranging accessories. It is the only to be sure you are putting money on the best supplies, especially after comparing available options.
  • Find stores that have giveaways, discounts and shopping coupons to save to on costs.
  • Buying your beekeeping accessories from sellers who have an interest in apiculture or practice it will edge you closer to finding the best items for the money.

Top 12 Best Beekeeping Supplies You Should Have:

Mann Lake Complete Honey Super Kit, 10-Frame

The United States is a big producer of honey, and so you would expect some of the best apiary kits to come from America. Our first supply; Complete Honey Super Kit with 10 honeycomb frames is US-made. It is a top-quality pine wood construction with thick frames (6.25 inches) for extra durability.

It is a product of Mann Lake, a leading manufacturer, and supplier of beekeeping accessories in the United States. With it, you have the best quality at an affordable price.

But while it comes as a complete 4-pack package, buyers who put money on this item will have to buy a queen locker separately.

Beekeeping Jacket with Hood and Veil-Clear Fencing Veil, Lightweight and Maximum Protection for Professionals and Beginners

We present you one of the beekeepers’ jackets from BeeCastle, a company that manufactures trusted brands in the United States.

It has a premium quality and removable fencing veil providing you with a clear view of the hive. If you are looking for full-body protection gear, the jacket has a top-quality zipper and thumb straps.

Weighing only 1.8 pounds and with the right measurements (28.7 inches garment length, chest-55.7 inches, Waist-24.4 inches, sleeve-24.5 inches, armhole-11.7 inches, and shoulder-27.5 inches), you have not only found a handy jacket but also one in which you are comfortable and free. An elastic waist and wrist make it even more accommodating.

Natural Apiary-All-in-one Apiarist suit with fencing veil for professional and beginners

If the above jacket and hood don’t fit the bill, then camouflage jacket for beekeepers from Natural Apiary is a perfect choice. It is affordable premium quality suit-65 percent cotton and 35 percent polyester. It has elastic sleeves, ankles, and seals for easy fit and safety against bee stings.

Moreover, its YYK premium zippers, a detachable veil, and convenient pockets are all you need it a great suit. Weighing only 2.2 pounds, here is your chance to put money on a top-quality accessory.

VIVO Large stainless Honey Extractor, 3-frame SS Model BEE-V003D

With VIVO 3-Frame SS Model extractor, harvesting honey becomes a breeze. It has a steel drum with a diameter of 15 inches and 14 inches-enough holding space for honey. Watch honey as it spins in the extractor, thanks to a Plexiglas clear lid. It has rightly fitting frame sizes and depth.

You don’t need to tip VIVO BEE-003D forward when harvesting honey, thanks to an elevation of the honey gate from the bottom of the extractor.

Moreover, with a weight of 27.8 pounds, we believe you have found one of the most portable extractors in the market. It is worth the money.

Mann Lake WW906-10 Commercial Frames with Natural Rite-Cell waxing and foundation-9-1/8 inches

Mann Lake hardly disappoints its clients and with this beekeeper’s frame with natural Rite-Cell foundation, you can be sure of a buzzing beehive. It has perfect measurements for a large colony.

Thusly; 19-inches (l) x 9-1/8 inches (h) x 1-3/8 inches (w). An additional 10 frames, high-precision cuts at 0.5 inches bar (button) makes it a perfect choice any day. You can use any uncapper on this frame. Its weight of 8.47 pounds and affordable price are everything a beginner needs.

Natural Apiary Sting-Proof cuffs/gloves with ventilation, cowhide-2x small

Your search for the best beekeepers gloves should stop right here. We found these from Natural Apiary to be perfect fittings for anyone.

They are 2x small (16 centimeters arm circumference), have a comfortable cowhide/leather and ventilation.

Tough canvas cuffs and elastic gauntlets give these gloves durability and convenience. Weighing only 9.9 ounces, you won’t feel their weight on your hands.

VIVO Large Bee Hive Smoker, Stainless Steel with Heat Shield-BEE V001L

We chose VIVO smoker for harvesting honey for many reasons. It is stainless and has a heat shield. Moreover, it is the best accessory if you don’t want to get stung in line of duty. The heat shield and mounting hook ensure you don’t get burnt, hence a safety feature.

Moreover, it has a firebase with perforations to let air in and out. VIVO BEE V001L measures 13 inches from the bottom to the spout and a canister diameter of 4 inches ensure there is enough smoke inside for use.

It is cheap, not to mention that at only 2.8 pounds, you have found a highly portable smoker.

KINGLAKE Steel J Hook-Beehive Frame Tool with Lifter and Scraper, 10.5 Inches

From KINGLAKE, we found a cheap yet effective tool kit for lifting honeycombs and scraping their frames. It is a must-have apiary accessory if you want to gain easy entry into the hive and have your honey whole.

Nothing beats a multi-purpose 10.5 inches frame tool, long enough to pry apart and scrape combs like this one from KINGLAKE.

Moreover, given its strength, thanks to steel construction, you shouldn’t worry about its durability. That is not to mention that it’s of 3.68 pounds makes it a handy tool.

Mann Lake Metal 10-Frame Queen Excluder-HD120

Spend less for a top-quality 10-frame queen excluder metal frame from Mann Lake. You are not only buying a product for a top and reputed manufacturer but also making sure queen bee doesn’t lay eggs in the honey super.

It has a strong steel frame that ensures longevity, enough space and a computerized precision welding. Mann Lake 10-frame Queen Excluder weighs only 2.45 pounds.

Mann Lake DC-799 Apivar-10 pack

A single package of Apivar-10 pack is enough to wipe out mites disturbing peace of your bees in the hive. It is the best yet a cheap alternative to chemicals that contain oxalic acids.

Moreover, Apivar kills up to 99 percent of mites invading the hive. It is effective, safe, and leaves no trace of chemicals. The right application is 5 strips per frame.

BLISSTIME Honey Strainer Starter Kit with Double Stainless Sieve, Honey Gate, Frame Holder, and Uncapping Fork

You will save a lot for a top honey strainer kit like this one from BLISSTIME. It comes as a perfect combination of essential toolkits for every beekeeper.

From a double stainless sieve (9 inches around-4 inches high), honey gate, stainless steel frame, and uncapping fork, it is premium quality for any buyer. With this accessory, you have an assurance of longevity in a toolkit.

Moreover, it is a perfect choice for beginners who want to venture into apiculture.

BeeCastle Stainless Electric Uncapping Knife for Apiarists

We cap off the best beekeeping product recommendations with an electric uncapping knife from BeeCastle. You already know that the manufacturer has a good reputation in the industry, thanks to its top quality brands.

Therefore, with this easy-to-use stainless knife-food grade SS304, operable on 110V power input, you have an affordable accessory to get you going.

A blade size of 10 x 2 inches, handle the size of 6 x 1.5 inches and a weight of 2.2 pounds presents you with a perfect combination of a modern uncapper.

Beekeeping for Beginners and What You Need to Get Started:


Do you have any questions? We have got some answers for you. Take a look.

Q: Which Are The Best Honey Bees You Need To Start An Apiary?

A: Assuming you already have a home (hive) for bees, the next step is buying a colony. Most importantly, having the best type of honey bees will define your success going forward. Some of the most common types are Italian honey bees, Carniolan bees, and the Caucasian bees.

While the last two bear close semblances in appearance-both are grey with bland bands, Carniolan breeds have brown abdominal spots. Italian bees have a golden color and very active during winter.

Q: Are There Essential Steps To Starting An Apiary?

A: Anyone can start keeping bees but not so fast that it should look easy. The first step is that you must familiarize yourself with regulations governing the practice in your locale. The second step is joining a club of beekeepers to scale up your learning curve.

Alternatively, you can buy a good book on apiculture to learn the basics. Lastly, buy essential supplies/accessories/tools and a colony/honey bees to get started.

Q: What Is The Right Time To Start An Apiary?

A: There is no right time for getting started. However, like Italian bees which are most active during winter, type of breed sometimes play a part in making the first step.

Q: How Much Does A Honeybee Cost?

A:  Prices of honeybees vary from one supplier to the next. However, you will spend money in the range of $90 to $140 on a package weighing two pounds.

Moreover, whether you are buying bees dead or alive, a price of $0.70 for each bee, often applies in most places.


Are you ready to start your apiary? We hope so! Beekeeping is a fun activity, whether you are into it for economic gain or you just want to produce honey for home consumption.

Most importantly, you need more than the best supplies for your apiary. Dedication, determination, resilience and hard work will convert your efforts into a great success.

Do you have anything you would like to add to this review? Post your questions, suggestions, opinions, and ideas in the comment section below.

And if you have beekeeping enthusiasts who would want to get started; please share this post widely to help them get started.

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