Zoe XL3 Triplet Stroller Reviews – The Best Triple Stroller with Umbrella

If you are looking for a great baby stroller that is perfect for your triplets, then you just found a comfy stroller that is perfect for your children. Zoe XL3 Trio Sport Triple Stroller is a functional and useful baby stroller made by Foundations.

Foundations Worldwide, Inc. is the maker of this triple baby stroller. It is a very popular name in the industry that makes different products used for different purposes. This company’s products are precisely made for daycares and child care centers, such as strollers, high chairs, toys, and lots more.

Most mothers with triplets have a first-hand experience of the enormous work they’ll have to do with a great stroller.

Zoe XL3 Trio Sport Triple Stroller is a perfect stroller that can help carter for their demands is necessary because it makes their work very easy. One of the reasons why most parents who opt for this stroller love it is because of its outstanding maneuverability and ease of set up.

What other features of Zoe XL3 Trio Sport Triple Stroller makes parents love it? Let’s take a look at its features to see why!

Features of Zoe XL3 Trio Sport Triple Stroller

Ergonomic Handlebar

The ergonomic handlebar of Zoe XL3 Trio Sport Triple Stroller is one part of it that makes it super-exciting to parents. The handlebar was intentionally made to with parent’s astute desire for maneuverability at heart. Also, the handlebar is carefully padded in such a way that feels great to handle.

Even though it might be difficult for the stroller to comfortably maneuver as a double or single stroller, it becomes a lot different when you use it as a triple stroller because its ease of maneuverability will come alive. In fact, it does it more than most triple strollers in the market does. It may not readily steer, but the fact that you are carrying three children makes it perfectly normal.

Safe Seating

The seating ability of this stroller is one of its most prominent inclusion. It features three seats with each stationed together, fortified with a 5-point harness, which makes it very much adaptable. It is over thirteen inches wide seats compliant to your needs. Each of the harness and seat is built to carry a child that weighs up to forty pounds. If you want it, you can recline the seat to make your child more comfortable.

Quick and Convenient Folding

This stroller can unfold and folds easily; this is even though it has enough room to contain your three children. You can unhook the restrictive strap from a folded state by rotating the round clip to an angle of degrees.

You can pull back on the Zoe XL3 Trio Sport handlebar to elevate it to an open state and wait for it to fall in its place. If you want to fold it, you’ll have to free the levers and obtain a restrictive strap.

Key Features:

  • Bright color choices
  • About 13.5 inches wide seats
  • Rubber-coated foam wheels to help absorb shock
  • Very easy to unfold and fold
  • Includes a storage basket
  • Each of the seats can carry up forty pounds
  • Each child have the benefit of five-point safety harness


  • It features an adaptable canopy to protect your child from harmful radiation from the sun.
  • The seats can hold up to forty pounds.
  • With its bright color selections, you can easily locate it in crowds or traffic.
  • There is a cup holder to help you hold your ward’s cup.
  • Well-matched with most widespread accessories.
  • There is a space fort under-seat storage.
  • Even with a heavy child, you can easily maneuver it.
  • Closing and opening the stroller is easy and quick.


  • No pads on the 5-point harnesses straps, which can make it uncomfortable for your child.
  • There is no room for children sitting at the back and middle seats to rest their legs.
  • There is not enough space to keep possessions.

Zoe XL3 Trio Sport Triple Stroller’s Accessories

Mommy Hook

This accessory helps keep the stroller in place by attaching to the stroller’s handlebar and letting handlers hang it comfortably. It has a large carabineer’s appearance, only that it features a padded part that makes it easy for you to attach your belongings in a place.

Go Stroller and Skip Hop Grab Organizer

The Go Stroller and Skip Hop Grab Organizer is a very common accessory that fastens to the stroller’s handlebars. A user can conveniently and easily store her beverages, luggage, etc. to reach out for it.

JJ Childress Side Sling

The JJ Childress Side Sling is another accessory with a mesh-like pocket build that fastens to the stroller’s sidebar for additional storage. You can keep your stuff in each sidebar for the best storage room for bigger belongings that may not fit into a normal stroller’s organizer. Just the right stroller for your vacations!

Stroller Glider Board

The glider board of Trio Sport Triple Tandem Stroller fastens to the bottommost of the stroller to let an additional child drive while still holding onto your stroller’s back. Stroller Glider Board is built to easily fasten and unfasten, stay out of the rider’s path, and contain a weight of to seventy pounds.

Warranty Information

Buyers who purchase this baby stroller have a benefit of up to one year warranty. Like every other normal warranty out there, the warranty is only effective if the stroller is properly set up and is utilized as proposed. It is not effective for common wear and tear but will substitute parts for the company’s faults. [comparison]


  • Folded Dimensions: 49″L x 21″W x 20″H and Open Dimensions: 58.5″L x 21″W x 41″H
  • Weight when assembled: 54 pounds
  • Width of seat: 13.5 inches
  • Size of wheel: 7 inches (back and front)


If there is any need to compare baby strollers based on which is suitable for three children, then Zoe XL3 Trio Sport Triple Stroller is undoubtedly one of the best you can reckon with. It is not only functional or convenient, but it is also fashionable and fanciful. With a reasonable price and high value-to-money, you can give your child the best of this stroller!

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