Singer 7258 Stylist Sewing Machine Review: Good Or Bad Buy?

There are more than a dozen brands of sewing machines in the market. It means if you are a tailor, you will have to choose from among competing choices. In our previous post, we reviewed six of the best tailoring machines, and we hope you found something for the money.

You should not forget that each brand comes with its pros and cons. Thus, when you go out shopping, pay close attention to features that meet your needs.

In this review, we further help you make the right selection when looking for a befitting sewing machine. While most buyers have branded Singer 7258 as a stylist machine, how it compares with other brands is up next for debate.

We compare it against Singer 4423 and Brother CS6000i, so stay tuned for more.

Singer And Brother Sewing Machines: The Most Popular Brands

Sewing machines from Brother and Singer are undoubtedly popular brands. They have been dominating the market for years.

And by all indications, they continue to do so. A spot check on major e-commercial stores reveals a purchasing trend that favors these brands. Let’s begin by taking a brief look at their history.

Singer Tailoring Machines-When It All Started

Singer Sewing machines whose invention date back to 1857 by one Isaac Singer is today’s most popular brands.

Isaac, who was born in October 27th, 1811, was to later team up with Edward Clark to establish I.M. Singer Company, a company that grew by leaps and bounds over the years.

In 1860, their machine manufacturing company became the biggest in the world, earning a certificate of incorporation in 1863.

Brother Sewing Machine: A Brief Walk Down The Memory Lane

The Brother Group started as a repair entity fixing broken sewing machines. Established in 1908, it must have taken inventors hard work to create a brand that now rivals Singer.

Remember there is a difference of more than a half a century between years of inventing Singer and Brother tailoring machines.

The big question: How did we find ourselves here-stuck with these brands, even in the unforeseeable future? Well, that’s a topic for another day.

Is The SINGER 7258 Worth The Money?

If you are planning to buy a sewing machine, a model by SINGER will always come to mind. But, here is the catch.

What makes Singer 7258 different from others? Well, some buyers argue that it packs some of the most amazing features yet cost less than $200, which makes sense.

Moreover, you should recall that in our previous review, it came across as one of the top picks of novice tailor.

However, before we can compare it against other brands, let’s quickly revisit features of Singer 7258.

SINGER 7258 100-Stitch, Computerized Sewing Machine with 76 Decorative Stitches and Automatic Needle Threader

We would like to state that Singer Sewing Machine enjoys some of the best ratings in the market, especially against competing brands.  Thousands of tailors have given their nod of approval to this sewing machine. They say it is the best any day. But why, you may want to ask.

Well, gathered as many details about it as possible to give you a headstart. The first notable feature is that SINGER 7258 is a computerized tailoring companion.

Thus, choosing it will be more than stitching clothes. It is a luxurious and minimalist stitching companion. You will be expanding your horizons using one of the most sophisticated, yet simple-to-use sewing machines in the market.

Computerization of this equipment is evident in the way works. No more room human error such as guesswork.

SINGER 7258 comes with 76 decorative stitches, giving you a wide array of tailoring styles. It is why; some buyers refer to it is a stylish machine. With the push of a button, you can select a desirable stitch and set an optimum length.

The fact that you can customize your sewing experience using its automated buttons is not something you realize with most sewing machines out there.

Moreover, at only 18.85 pounds, SINGER 7258 presents buyers with portability. It has an automatic needle threading function, hence a perfect choice any day. Portability allows you to choose a conducive and comfortable stitching location at home or workplace.

If you are a professional tailor, you will concur with us that nothing makes stitching clothes easier than a sewing machine that comes with an easy bobbin.

Moreover, you can use SINGER 7258 in dimly lit rooms, thanks to its LED light bulb. With more than 100,000 hours of optimal use, the LED bulb remains cool throughout a tailoring session.

Buyers who put money on this product can choose from its 100 stitches. Whether you are into sewing home décor curtains or fashion clothes, SINGER 7852 is not only an affordable machine but also a versatile one in every way you look at it.

Its strongest merits come in the form of an all-purpose foot for stitching, overcasting, blinding hem, gathering, rolling hem, darning, and embroidery.

You shouldn’t worry about maintenance and repair if you choose to buy this tailor accessory because a product warranty of 25 years is not something you get every day.

A 1-step fully-automated buttonhole, 13-needle positioning, and automatic stitching reverse are equally important features that make SINGER 7258 a good buy.

SINGER 7258 vs. CS6000i vs. SINGER 4423

Now, before you can proceed to place an order for SINGER 7258, let’s compare it against other brands/models. How does it measure against CS6000i and SINGER4423?

Well, we thought having a comparison table would break it down for readers. Take a look:

Automatic Needle threading:
Stitches/minute:750 stitches per minute850 stitches per minute1, 100 stitches per minute
Quilting Accessory :x
Free Arm:YesYesYes
Stitching Width:6 mm7mm6 mm
Auto Pressure foot:X
1-step buttonholes:YesYesYes
Built-in Stitches:1006024
Drop-in Bobbin:YesYesYes
Start/stop speed control:

From the table above, you can see how SINGER 7258 compares against the other two. While they are all automatic sewing machines, choosing one with the most built-in stitches means you will put money on SINGER 7258.

It measures fairly against CS6000i and SINGER4423 in many aspects-coming as a sewing machine with modest features. (you can read Brother CS6000i Review here)

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Singer 7258 Tutorial

Our Verdict

In the end, buyers always make purchase decisions depending on features that satisfy their needs.

From our end, we would say that SINGER 7258 packs great modernized features in every way you look at it.

The fact that it is a computerized tailoring machine makes it a perfect choice for stitching enthusiasts, especially in this age and time.

Conclusion always brings you in-depth reviews of handpicked products for the money. It is because our vision is to help buyers put money on the best items they would wish to purchase from e-commerce stores.

Thus far, we hope you find SINGER 7258 a perfect choice for your everyday stitching.

Do you have anything you would like to add to this post? Please feel free to share your opinion, views, and suggestions in the comment section below. Help another friend with their search for the best sewing machines by sharing this post across different social media platforms.

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  1. Amanda

    Any day, any time, I will always choose the Singer 7258 machine above any other machine in the market. When I was about buying the machine, I was filled with lots of doubts. But with a few days in my shop, I was glad I made the decision. It is very portable and super-easy to use. It saves me a lot of stress and errors and also a wide range of lovely and beautiful stitches to choose from.
    I started sewing not quite long, but this machine has made me a pro already. I will always recommend it.

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