Muv Reis Stroller Reviews

Are you looking for a stroller that blends fashion and function perfectly? Do you need a stroller that can grow with your child from infant up to toddler stage? Or are you a lover of strollers with awesome features? Well, if yes, then look no further, we give you the Muv Reis Stroller.

This luxury stroller pampers your child from infant to toddler in style and comfort. It comes with loads of cool features that makes for comfort and style. It also comes with an extra bassinet for use at home or with the stroller. It’s the one and only stroller that you need to buy. Do read along to discover many other things this awesome stroller can do.

The Company – Baby Trend

Baby Trend, the manufacturer of Muv Reis Stroller, a North American company happens to be a leading maker of baby products. The company has been recognized as an innovator into the manufacture of unique products. The following are their brain children Flex-Loc Infant Car Seat, FastBack 3-in-1 Car Seat, EuroRide Travel System, Snap-N-GO and so on.

With a long-standing 30 years of existence, the company remains in the forefront coming up with innovative juvenile products. No matter the age of your young child, you will get a creative product that will make them happy. Baby Trend makes varieties of juvenile products like car seats, strollers, travel systems, playards, high chairs, twin products, and so on.

The company manufactured the Muv Reis Stroller that we are reviewing today and others under that the name – Muv. Other brands the company manufactures include NexGen and Smart Steps.

Muv Reis Baby Trend Stroller Reviews:

The Muv Reis Stroller stands out for everyday use due to its many features and its lightweight. It can easily be folded into a compact size with or without its seat using the compact fold feature. It comes equipped with features that makes your child’s ride experience both comfortable and safe. This purposely built luxury stroller offers 4-wheels independent suspension for smooth rides.

It comes with lightweight aluminum frame and its wheels adorn high-density EVA foam tires to give your child the best ride. Built with strong materials to support children up to 50 pounds weight. It also comes with a bassinet to replace the seat and transform it into a pram making it a sleeping bed for your bundle of joy.

To put cherry on the cake, the Muv Reis Baby Trend Stroller comes with a 3-year limited warranty for you to enjoy it for longer.


4-Wheel Independent Suspension:

The wheel suspension of this stroller makes for easy speed control and braking the stroller during emergencies. The suspension system helps catch all the bumps as you stroll.

3-Postion 180-Degree Seat Recline & 3-Postion Footrest:

The versatile Muv stroller allows you to hinge the seat to suit your baby’s situation for sitting, resting or sleeping. The seats are also reversal for forward and backward facing parents. The footrest adjustment allows the baby to have enough leg room and stretch his/her legs.

EVA Foam Filled Wheels:

Equipped with four EVA foam filled tires which are strong enough for different terrains. With sizes as large as 12 inches (back wheels) and 9 inches (front wheels), the stroller can handle the most rugged of surfaces. The front wheels make the stroller maneuverable due to their swivel nature. However, the wheels can also be locked straight if you like it so.

Peek-a-boo windows:

With about six mesh windows for improved air circulation to the baby onboard the stroller. The windows also allow easy monitoring of the baby in the stroller.

Easy Access 360-Degree Swivel Bumper Bar:

The bar can be adjusted to meet the baby’s comfort as he or she develops.


The Muv has a canopy that keeps your baby safe from harsh weather.

Extra Bassinet:

You can also replace the seat in the stroller with the bassinet to transform it into a pram. It has a nice thick pad to offer comfort to the sleeping baby. It also has a footmuff to keep the baby warm and snuggly. When the baby falls asleep in the bassinet, you can cover him with the retractable sun shade to keep sun rays away.

Also, when you have a sleeping child on your way home, you can easily detach the bassinet from the stroller and place it on the bed without disturbing the baby.

Adjustment Handle Bar:

With handle bar that can extent from 39 inches to 41 inches from the ground, you can adjust the stroller to your normal height to prevent hand fatigue.

Onboard Thermal Storage:

This stroller comes with a cool feature that helps keep your drinks cool. The thermal chamber helps with storage of drinks, snacks, wet cloths etc. With the storage, you do not need to carry a thermal lunch bag for milk and water storage.

Large Basket:

The storage basket comes handy for keeping baby’s essentials as well as yours. The basket can be easily accessible for use.

Easy Fold:

With the easy fold feature, folding the Muv can be done with ease. The folded unit becomes compact after fold which makes for easy transportation and storage. The automatic lock makes it possible to fold it with its seats attached.


  • Manufacturer: Baby Trend
  • Model Number: MS930015
  • Net Weight: 26 pounds
  • Dimension: 37 x 26.25 x 42 inches
  • Harness Type: 5 point
  • Warranty: 3 years limited warranty


Q: How to Fold the Muv Reis Stroller?

A: To fold the Muv Reis Stroller, you need to take extra precaution. You should never allow your finger to be trapped in the unit while folding. Also, never allow children to be near the stroller during the fold. Kids are adventurous they might be tempted to put their hand into the unit while you are folding it. Here are the steps you should follow to fold the Muv Reis Stroller:

  • Pull the stroller several inches backwards to help adjust the front wheels forward.
  • Slide the fold lock with your thumb.
  • Push the handle forward while squeezing the large fold button in the center of the handle.
  • Now the stroller should start folding and when that happens, release the handle and push on the handle forward until it becomes folded.
  • Lock the release lever to keep it compact.

Q: How to Unfold the Muv Reis Stroller

A: To unfold the Muv Reis Stroller, you still need to exercise due care also. Do not allow your hands get into it and keep children away while you do it. Follow the simple steps below to unfold your stroller:

  • Unlock the release lever
  • Pull upwards on the stroller handle until the frame unlocks (you should hear the unlock click sound)
  • Adjust the seat and you are good.


Well, you should make your purchase right away because the Muv Reis Stroller is in high demands on the market at the moment. Why hesitate from getting a product as useful as this? There are so many nifty features that will make your life easier and make your baby happier. Take it from us, it’s a worthy investment.

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