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The Gb Pockit stroller is an exceptionally designed and go-to stroller for parents and child caregivers that are always on the go. It has the ideal size for toddlers and babies alike, making it suitable for kids aged six months and weighing up to fifty-five pounds. One of the most apparent features of this traveling is that it is one of the smallest foldable strollers in the market.

Also, Gb Pockit is a two-in-one travel system with adapters that makes it even more desirable. Comfort features are some of the things that the makers of this system took into account. For example, the stroller comes with a large sun canopy and an adaptable backrest for the comfort of your ward.

Details and Features:

Compact and Collapsible Design

The collapsible design and the ultra-compact feature of Gb Pockit makes it ideal for almost all the major overhead compartments on trains and planes, eradicating the need to monitor it during travels.

Lightweight Convenience

Gb Pockit is light-weighted, weighing just about 9.5 pounds, making it very easy for parents to steer and push it using only one hand. You can lift it without many efforts using its handle, and when it is time to fold it, you can do so fin two quick steps.

Flexible and Durable Construction

The sturdy build of this stroller makes it perfect for traveling and everyday use because it is built to move with punches. Its adaptable form keeps meandering bodies cheerful and safe while traveling.

Reclining Seat Back and UPF50+ Sun Canopy

Your wards can observe a beautiful and sound sleep without any form of disturbance all because of the UPF50+ sun canopy and reclining seat feature of this stroller.

The canopy feature shields your child from invasive weather conditions while the reclining seat reclines to give your child the needed comfort for a relaxing sleep or rest.

Agile Front Swivel Wheels

The supportive front swivel wheels inclusion makes it possible to circumnavigate choked paths, and turning junctions appears very easy for this Gb Pockit. For amplified steadiness on rough roads, adjust the wheel lock of the stroller.

  • Product Dimensions: 28L x 19B x 39.8H inches
  • Minimum weight recommendation: 3kg
  • Maximum weight recommendation: 55lb
  • Forward-facing maximum child weight: 55lb
  • Folded size: 4L x 7.9B x 16.5H
  • Item Weight: 3lb
  • Harness type: 3

Storage Space

Because this stroller’s build shows that it is intentionally designed for leightweigh5t travels, it shouldn’t include a large basket. There is a small bin under the seat that weighs as much as 11 pounds.

This bin can hold a small baby backpack or a small diaper bag. Also, you can easily access it from the front and back. This stroller comes with a small basket, but it is ideal for a lightweight and compact stroller.


Gb Pockit does not include a handlebar. Rather, it comes with two handles that typically necessitate using your two hands to steer and push it. One hand pushing is possible when you are riding on smooth surfaces to use the light from your phone for directions in case it is dark.

But if you want more stability, then you should use your two hands during steering. You can also quickly turn and maneuver Gb Pockit, but then, pushing is the way to go for short and average height parents.

Extra Features

This stroller’s dual wheels increase both usability and comfort, letting caregivers and parents maneuver on diverse terrains and guaranteeing they’ll not get stuck amidst cobblestones.

With its multipurpose three-in-one travel system, the Gb Pockit stroller is your best companion, meeting your travel requirements. It is very much compatible with Cybex/Gb car seats and is also appropriate for infants.

With a weight of just 5.6 kg, the Gb Pockit is the ideal travel mate. It’s extremely lightweight, build easy to carry, lift, and maneuver. It is great for the vacation, the city, or parents and caregivers that are on the go.

It is brilliantly built to have an autonomous fold, making it the right match for urban mothers to store on the move— anytime, anywhere.

The front swivel maneuvers of Gb Pockit can be easily locked for steadiness on rough surfaces.

The Sun Canopy inclusion provides UPF50+ shelter so your ward can enjoy the needed shelter shade and from the wind and sun. [1]


  • The ultra-compact fold is ideal for parents and caregivers who travel with their ward by train/car/ plane and make use of public transport
  • You can easily store it in a small car and even a small room
  • It is not very heavy, and this means so that you can carry it in your handbag without many efforts
  • It is fit for grownup kids
  • Also, it comes with a detachable machine with a washable seat cloth
  • The slim and dense build of Gb Pockit is great for packed and narrow places such as Disneyland, restaurants, or the mall.
  • You can easily access its storage basket
  • Its handles are very convenient for average and short parents and permit them to push it with just one hand.


  • The canopy is not very useful as it does very little to shield the baby from the sun
  • Its seat does not recline
  • Unfolding and folding it requires some rehearsal. It’s a bit challenging at the starting
  • Its small wheels are appropriate mostly for flat roads

Where to buy Gb Pockit Stroller?

There are many eCommerce sites where the stroller is available for sale. The most popular place where you can buy it is on Amazon. There are other places like eBay, Walmart, and Ali Express, where you can buy the stroller.

How do you Fold the GB Pockit Stroller?

If you want to close the stroller, you’ll have to start by locking the front wheel and folding the canopy away. After that, you’ll have to fold the rear wheel. After that, press the two buttons on the two handles and have the stroller pushed down.

You can then fold the wheels in an inward position after closing the stroller. Manually lock the complete package when you are done.

How do you Assemble GB Pockit Stroller?

To have the stroller assembled, reverse the process of folding it. It is quite easy.

GB Pockit vs Pockit+ vs Pockit Air vs Pockit+ All City:


Gb Pockit is a good bet for you if you need a 2-in-1 travel system stroller. It has good value-for-money, meaning that you will have a good bargain when you buy it. Also, its impressive features are something you should consider reckoning with.

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