9 Things What To Look For In a Food Processor Before Buying

9 Things What To Look For In a Food Processor Before Buying:

Are you looking for ways to prepare your food by grinding seeds, slicing, or mixing the dough and chopping a vegetable, then food processor will be a worthwhile option for you. This machine can save you hours of cooking by making the process easy. This is a better way of having a quality cooking experience?

If you are looking at buying a food processor, there will be machines that will have more options than the others. The size and the weight of the food processor is another option to consider when making your choice. If you don’t know the type of food processor to go for, the options can be confusing.

We will be listing the different quality food processor you can go for in the market. This guide should help you in selecting the best food processors that will meet your needs.

Things To Consider When Buying A Food Processor

You can do most of the things your food processor is helping you to do, but the differences are the time it takes to complete these tasks. Below are some of the few things to consider when buying your food processor.

Bowl Capacity

The size of your family will determine the size of the food processors to go for. You will be considering the big size of the processor if you have a larger family. A food processor that has 14 cups should be suitable for a large family.


The different type of blade is needed for chopping, pureeing and grinding. The quality of the material should also be factored. The blade with stainless steel has more durability.

Power (Wattage)

Cutting may not require much power. But the mixing of dough may need more power than standard. The use of your food processor will determine the right wattage. Food processor with 700 Watts will be good for most tasking jobs.


A good food processor should be equipped with quality blade and disk. Make sure the food processor you are buying has a good blade.


The regular warranty for the most food processor is usually a year. But some comes with an extended warranty. This will cost you more, but you will save enough money in the long run.


If you want to have regular juice, buying a juicer will be better. But if you wish to juice occasionally, then a Food Processor should be excellent.


The stability of a food processor is another thing to consider. The food processor should have a solid body and a broad base. The base will prevent the processor from moving while working. This is one crucial factor to look for in a quality food processor.


There are different controls when it comes to food processors. However, there are more controls. The dough will require more speed to mix. Therefore, make sure you buy the right food processor that will be able to handle the food you want to process.

Lid and Feeding Tube

The kid can allow the content to spill if not adequately covered. The feeding tube should be full enough. The tube that is narrow will require the food to be precut before been feed into your food processor. You should go for a processor with a wide tube.

The Best Food Processors Review:

The following are the different food processor you can find in the market.

Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY

Cuisinart is a company with a good product. The food processor has a 720-watt motor. That is good enough to cut through any form of food. Cuisinart has a large tube you can feed your food through; this can take food like apple or orange. The capacity of this machine is large enough to process food for a whole family.

They have a different disk for various purposes. That used for shredding or slicing. You will be able to prepare the diverse food you want with this disk. The blade is made of stainless steel. They have different control for the efficiency of the machine. They offer three years warranty with a good customer relation.

Braun K650 Multiquick:

  1. They have more accessories than most food processors. This gives you the option to prepare different types of food.
  2. They also process food faster. The Braun may be cumbersome in the kitchen because of its additional accessories.
  3. They have a 600-watt motor, but the blade provides it the ability to cut through most food without any problem.
  4. The K650 has a small bowl, but the 9 cup food processor should be sufficient for most users. Braun Offer their customers one year warranty.

KitchenAid KFP1333OB 13-Cup Food Processor with ExactSlice

The motor of this machine is only 360 watts. The machine can process soft food but have issues when it comes to hard nut or foods. It can easily handle food like onions, potatoes, and cheese.

The extra wide tube of the processor allows it to accommodate large food. They offer you a year warranty.

Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor

The Breville has 1,200-watt motor which can cut into any form of food. They come with 16 bowls with about eight different bowls for the type of food you want. They also have a storage box to keep the parts of the food processors.

They come with stainless steel for durability. And a variety of control to prepare the food you want. The downside is that it will mash soft foods rather than shredding them, an example of these is cheese. The machine comes with a 25 years warranty. If you want quality for your money, then this food processor may be your best investment.

Ninja Express Chop (NJ110GR)

This is a food processor for a smaller application. They have 3 cups, with a motor of 200 watts. This means the power of this machine is one of the weakest in the list. They can’t handle large food at once. We have it on the list because of its convenience, and size. You will need it for spices or herbs. They also come with a year warranty.


Above are the lists of the different food processors you can buy. The first thing you should consider is your budget. Another factor you should consider is the food you will be using the food processor to process because that determines the motor power of the machine to go for.

The blade of the machine is another thing to consider when selecting your food processor. This determines if the food processor can cut through the different food you will be using the food processor for.

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