Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System Reviews [2021]

In a world that is always on the go, every parent out there will appreciate a dependable baby stroller that makes traveling comfortable for their child. Coincidentally, a travel system such as this baby stroller is perfect for traveling families because it affords you to remove and replace the car seat at will.

What is the need to buy a separate car seat and a baby stroller when you can buy a stroller that makes a car seat?

The build and features of this baby stroller make it a suitable option for your child, plus it also takes the comfort of your child at heart. Full-coverage canopies and large rear wheels are some of the notable comfort features that will certainly make it appealing to your child.

The canopy feature is meant to protect your child by blocking harmful radiation from the sun to not harm your child. Besides some of these great inclusions, this baby stroller provides you with a storage basket, ergonomic handles, convenient cup holders, and pad inset.

Unlike other baby strollers out there on the market, Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System allows you to attach your baby’s car set to it and disengage it again when traveling in your car. Waking your child to convey him/her to the car seat’s stroller seat is completely unnecessary.

The makers of this traveling system knew that you lead an active and busy lifestyle, and hence, they made this stroller for you to help you beat your schedule.

With lots of options out there for you to choose, it is sometimes difficult to make the right decision. This review attempts to help you make an informed decision as you set out to buy a baby stroller.

Features of Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System:

From the inclusion of modern functionalities to style, Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System has all the features that make buying it a worthwhile venture. You will certainly get the best out of this baby stroller whenever you make use of it.


A fashionable, adaptable stroller, the Evenflo Pilot Modular Travel System includes three reversible modes. They are the carriage mode, the stroller seat, and the infant car seat mode. Also, these modes can either be rear-facing or front-facing so that the total number of seating modes that you have is six.

For single-use, you can place the car seat on top of the frame of the stroller. You can then utilize the stroller seat for something else.

With different choices, the comfort needs of your baby can be customized to fit their experience. For instance, babies that can yet to learn how to sit up, the canopy option can act as their protector to shield them from cold.


The safety features of this baby stroller are probably its most important feature. No parent on earth loves to joke with the safety and comfort of their babies. Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System has proved to be effective for both side-impact and rollover.

It also includes an anti-rebound bar features that check how frequently rebound occurs when the stroller experiences an impact. To make sure that the base is fixed in its place, there is a belt block-off feature. The developers of this system ensured that its security is not compromised by making its structure sturdy. You’ll feel confident about the safety of your child due to this sturdy structural standard.

The car set’s base was made to firmly fit into the car even as it keeps a locked-in grasp on the car seat when mounted.


When talking about traveling, the importance of weight cannot be overemphasized. Pivot Modular has a weight that is roughly 20.1 lbs. Which is somewhat light for a baby stroller. Also, removing the attachments at the top and folding it makes it even easier to carry about.


The handle of a stroller is another important part of it. This stroller’s handle makes it comfortable for you to grasp it. Its build makes it easy for you to carry about on your bosom without experiencing much discomfort. One important thing about this stroller that you should note is the fact that you cannot adjust its handle, so taking the height of a stroller into cognizance before buying it is important.

Car Seat

Odds are, if you are in an active search for the right baby strollers, a decent car seat is vital to you. The car seat has not only proven to feature maximum safety, mounting it in your car is not that difficult. Because of its base, fitting into your car is not something that you should worry about.

When you are done mounting the base, a few snaps is enough for you to switch your car seat in and out.

Peek-a-Boo Window

Your stroller seat’s cover features a mesh part of it that makes it allows you to monitor your baby while strolling with them. The Peek-a-Boo window is a wonderful inclusion for the front-view location; this lets your baby take a view of what outside looks like while riding in the stroller.


  • It is not heavy
  • It is ideal for traveling
  • Includes multiple seat positions


  • Snapping the car seat into its position is not so easy.
  • The build of the front wheels makes maneuvering a bit exasperating.
  • The width of the frame is slightly too much.


Everyone that is always on the go knows the essentiality of having great travel mediums for their children. This baby stroller is not only convenient or functional, but it is also fanciful and fashionable.

For a reasonable cost, Pilot Modular will give you all both the experience of a ride in the car and a stroll in the park.

One of the most loved features of Pilot Modular is its top-notch car seat and its great security features. Not one needs to remind you that you should not settle for anything less when it comes to your children’s comfort and security.

To this end, Evenflo did its homework well in designing and testing their car seat to withstand the effect of a high-impact collision and hence, eventually shield your baby from it. [pdf manual]

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