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As an on-the-go parent, mum or dad, you need a compact, portable and foldable stroller to suit your lifestyle. Not just that, it must offer ultimate comfort to your baby and convenient to you the parent. We present to you the Combi Lightweight Umbrella Stroller, a one of a kind stroller. It comes with different features that make for comfort, convenience and awesome user experience.

From the stable of Combi USA, comes this super awesome umbrella stroller for every parent. From babies to toddlers, the stroller fits in perfectly and grows with your child. The stroller is a high-quality product from Combi USA.

Established in 1989 as a subsidiary of Combi Corporation, Japan, Combi USA offers different products from lightweight strollers to fun mobile entertainers then feeding products and so on.

Combi USA has a passion to create products that help parents take care of babies with ease and conveniently. Their products are widely available on their website, via independent and mass retailers.

Combi Lightweight Umbrella Stroller Reviews:

The Combi Ultra Lightweight F2 AF Plus Umbrella Stroller comes built with your child in mind. Featuring an array of safety features, the F2 AF plus offers the best comfort and protection to any child. Using this stroller does not require any skill or technicality – it’s user friendly. In just three quick and easy steps you can fold it into a compact, self-standing and portable stroller.

It can be carried around with ease and it accepts the Combi Shuttle infant car seat which comes in handy as a travel system. Mind you, with this product, you don’t need to buy another stroller as your child grows. The F2 AF Plus comes with a multi-position recline (165 degrees) to suit your growing child’s sitting or sleeping position and convertible three/five-point harness.


Comfortable Travelling:

With different features to give your child ultimate comfort, this stroller comes with an extra-padded multi-positional reclining seat, five-point harness system with harness pads and factory-fitted suspension system etc.

Safety First:

The Combi Cosmo E takes child safety to a whole new level. It features a shock-absorbing frame that absorbs shocks and channels it away from the baby onboard the stroller. It also comes with swivel wheels easy-lock that keeps the stroller steady when it’s stationary.

All these safety features work together to eliminate injuries. Besides that, these features also make the stroller easy to maneuver.

One-Handed Fold:

With one hand, you can fold the F2 AF Plus fast and easy into a compact size for easy transporting.

Lightweight, Compact and Portable:

Say goodbye to bulky strollers that require a Hilux to move it from place to place. At a weight of 8.25 pounds, the stroller can easily be moved around. Be it on a public bus, subway train or aeroplane, you are on the go.

Sturdy + Balance:

The stroller can hold up to a child of weight up to 33 pounds whereas the basket can carry items of a maximum weight of 10 pounds. Speaking of balance, this stroller can hold your baby and load in the baskets and pockets without tipping over.

Sun Coverage:

While strolling with your bundle of joy in the sun, you have nothing to worry about. This stroller comes with an extended canopy to shield your baby from direct rays of the sun.

Convenience Defined:

It comes equipped with a large basket and canopy pocket which makes for convenient storage and safekeeping items like water bottle, milk bottle, phones, diapers, extra clothes etc. You don’t have to hold your valuables in your hands, just stack them in the carry strap.

Breathable Mesh Seat:

The seat of the stroller is made from breathable mesh for constant airflow.

One-touch 5-point harness:

The F2 AF Plus comes with a one-touch 5-point harness to keep your baby snug to the seat.

Peak-A-Boo Window:

With this window, you can easily monitor your baby while you push the stroller, hence no surprises.

Front Guard Rail:

This further prevents the baby from accidentally falling off.


  • Manufacturer: Combi USA
  • Model Number: 2400125
  • Net Weight: 8.25 pounds
  • Dimension: 31.3 x 19.49 x 40.94 inches
  • Material Type: Polyester
  • Harness Type: 5 point
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty


Q: How to Close/Fold A Combi Umbrella Stroller?

A: Combi strollers have easy fold features that make folding them a breeze. Folding these strollers can be done in one step. However, to make it more compact for transporting or storing, fold it beyond one step. The steps are similar in all Combi strollers as follows:

  • Lock the two front swivel wheels before folding to avoid physical damage to them
  • Remove valuables and personal effects from the basket
  • Hold and lift the canopy lever to enable you to fold the canopy
  • Rid the canopy pocket of all items and contents
  • Now lift and hold the folding levers up on both sides of the handles. Note this that you must only operate the folding levers when folding the stroller
  • Incline the stroller onto its back wheels then roll it forward then quickly pull it back. That action will make the front guard rail to fold inward.
  • Turn the handle inward with an underhand hold to latch and lock. Do this while applying pressure, the stroller will fold in half lengthwise. It now looks like a folded umbrella.

Q: How to Open A Combi Umbrella Stroller?

A: Opening the stroller take the same process of closing it in reverse order as follows:

  • Pull the latch up to release it
  • Use both your hands to hold the handle on each side then while holding it, turn it outward to open it.
  • Now lift the stroller handle, then snap it away from you. This action will make it open and lock automatically into position.

Q: How to Attach the Rear and Front Swivel Wheels?

A: First let us see how to attach the rear wheel in the following steps:

Attaching the Rear Wheels

  • Place the stroller in a standing position
  • Find the small opening on each rear wheel assembly (the lock hole)
  • Look for the small silver pin on each rear stroller leg (the lock pin)
  • Carefully push the leg of the stroller into the wheel assembly until the small silver pin locks into the opening.

Attaching the Front Swivel Wheels

  • Gently push the front swivel assembly on the swivel shaft
  • Ensure the assembly locks into the shaft for it to be securely attached.


Why not give your baby a treat in the Combi Lightweight Umbrella Stroller and you will see how happy he or she sleeps and wake up daily. If only babies could talk, they would have demanded a Combi. Now don’t take our word for it, make your purchase now and watch your baby grow up happy and healthy.

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