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Simple Steps to Building a Chicken Coop for FREE [Chicken Coop Plans]

Simple Steps to Building a Chicken Coop for FREE [Chicken Coop Plans]

Are you considering raising backyard chicken? It can be a good idea. There is no significant investment involved except for the chicken coop and the feeds that nourish those adorable fowls. Why is this idea gaining popularity these days?

Have you ever wondered how to live on a farm where everything is fresh, from the air you breathe to your supplies of food? If you like the idea of enjoying fresh chicken eggs each morning, raising chickens would be for you. Fortunately, you don’t have to live on a farm to do so. Even if your address is in the city, you could still raise chicken.

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You need to build your own chicken coop, which would serve as housing for your new pets. The small dwellings would keep your backyard chicken sheltered and protected from all the harsh elements of the surroundings. The housing could also prevent them from wandering around and from possibly getting lost in your vast city neighborhood. It could be easy to build a chicken coop. Here are the steps:

Developing A Plan

It is important to have a plan before proceeding to build a chicken coop. Decide about the number of chickens that you plan to take care of and keep in your backyard. Determine how much space you could use and also your purpose for keeping backyard chicken. This information would be important when designing and building a coop.

There are readily available chicken coop plans. You could also opt to create your own. If you prefer to take the second option, you should note important considerations like height, insulation, and ventilation. Your chicken coop should have sufficient space so that the chicken would still be comfortable inside it. The cage should be raised about 2 feet to 3 feet from the ground to facilitate ideal airflow.

The chicken coop should still have ample space to facilitate feeding. There should be perches where chicken could roost at night. There should also be nest boxes where they could lay eggs and a small ramp to facilitate going down to your yard. Put wood shavings or straw for the litter.

Constructing Chicken Coop

Prepare all materials and tools before the construction. Those include plywood, wood, chicken wire, nails, hinges, hammers, screws, and wood shavings for the litter. Before you proceed, mark the area in your backyard where you would build the chicken coop.

To start construction, install the bottom frames first before putting up the side and supporting frames. Use glue or nail to attach those firmly together. To complete the construction, put on all sidings and roofing materials when the frames are constructed. Put windows and doors to end the building process.

Lastly, take time to inspect your own construction. A simple, once-over inspection would be necessary to make sure the project was done correctly. Plug seams and joints with a chosen insulation material to help prevent the entry of cold air into your flock’s house. You can opt to paint the coop if you want to make it attractive.

Side Tips When Doing The Project

Building your own chicken coop might be a challenge and might take several hours of your time. But it would surely be worth it. Suppose you are a newbie into woodworking and do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. In that case, you may also consider using a guidebook that would specifically take you into every detail of the steps. It is just like following an exact recipe for baking a cake.

If it is also possible, you may opt to use recycled materials when constructing the chicken coop. Upcycling is a good way to construct the project on the cheap. Just be sure you are not using rotting wood or other low-quality materials that would wear out too quickly. Be more mindful when taking this route.

During the construction phase, remember to give the chicken enough room for roosting. They simply love to root and they will always do so wherever and whenever they are given a chance. Put up roosting poles that may at least three feet off the ground as they may not appreciate poles that are too low. Allow at least 8 inches of space for roosting per chicken.

Moreover, be sure your chicken coop would be easier to maintain and clean. Putting a full-sized door where you could enter the structure would be key to ensure this. You would appreciate this if you don’t incur backache in the future to clean the coop. Thus, you may consider constructing a movable coop, which would be light in weight so you could easily move it and occasionally take your chicken where there is fresh grass.

Good luck, and may this project is a successful and worthwhile one. Don’t forget always to take care of your chicken once your coop is done and inhabited. [1]

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