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TOP 9 Best Duck Feeders and 6 Best Duck Waterers 2024

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Best Duck Feeders and Waterers:

Growing ducks need the freedom to feed and water throughout the day. A proper height for the feeder and maintaining hygiene are vital to ensure consistent growth and good health.

Small feeders are recommended until the ducklings reach two weeks old. Larger feed hoppers must be utilized in older ducks.

Are you searching for the best duck feeder, but you’ve run into an issue due to the numerous brands on the market? Don’t worry. By using the following products, you’ll enjoy an enjoyable time drinking or feeding your ducks.

From the cheapest to the toughest duck feeders, you can rest assured that you will get quality for the budget. Most of them will require minimal maintenance, making raising your ducks an easy stroll in the park.

Types Of Feeders:

Floating feeders for ducks:

These feeders are ideal for those with many ducks and the water pond. Instead of feeding them on land, which will require lots of space around feeders, you can make a floating feeder for the pond and let them eat what they want.

Automatic duck feeder:

It’s not easy to look after your ducks daily. Automated feeders can make feeding your ducks less stressful and more pleasant.

Feeders that are activated by weight:

They utilize your duck’s weight to trigger a mechanism that allows the door to be opened. This feeder is extremely helpful in keeping any unwanted creatures from eating your duck’s food.

Tube feeders:

They are great for an enclosure for ducks with limited flooring since they cut down space.


These are feeders designed to withstand harsh conditions and stand up to the test of time.

TOP 9 Best Duck Feeders [2024 Reviews]

1. Rent A Coop Treadle Feeder

Automatic treadle feeders are available in various sizes to accommodate various breeds and sizes of ducks. Once your ducks understand the best way to utilize one, they’re an ideal choice for keeping non-poultry birds and insects away from your ducks’ food.

An automatic treadle feeder is a great option if you plan to get out of town for a few days without worrying about who will feed your ducks.

The weight of the treadle feeder can be set to suit less hefty ducks so that they can be able to feed comfortably.

Treadle Feeder 25 LBS vs 40 LBS vs 15 LB Extension vs Mounted Feeder 25 LBS vs 50 LBS:
Items:Weatherproof Galvanized Metal Feed-Saving Design Feed Capacity
Treadle Feeder 25 LBS YesYesYes25 Lbs
Treadle Feeder 15 LB Extension YesYesYesAdds 15 Lbs/Extension
Treadle Feeder 40 LBS YesYesYes40 Lbs
Mounted Feeder 25 LBS YesYesYes25 Lbs
Mounted Feeder 50 LBS YesYesYes50 Lbs

2. Grandpa Feeders For Chickens and Ducks

This is your preferred brand if you’re searching for an efficient and durable duck feeder suitable for large numbers at a low cost.

The automated duck feeder is suitable for carrying as much as 20lbs worth of food, enough to feed four birds over a week.

It is a great alternative if you are working or have other commitments to keep track of and often do not remember you have to feed the duck.

But, it’s only suitable for mature ducks as smaller ones could become trapped within the machine when feeding. This Grandpa feeder is suitable for chickens and best feeder for ducklings.

3. Little Giant Dome Feeder For Ducks and Chickens

Aviculturists who are experts and animal lovers know and endorse the brand “Little Giant” for their top-quality products, fast delivery, simple design, and reasonable costs.

Similar to all of Little Giant’s innovative designs, this plastic feed tank isn’t an exception.

The bright colors attract birds and ducks and help them eat until they are full. This feeder for Little Giants can accommodate and feed up to eight ducks at one time.

Durable plastic allows it to be strong enough to withstand the abuse of ducks and extreme conditions and leave it in good shape.

Contrary to most bird and animal feeders available, this one has a lid because this company understands the importance of having a lid. It is as wanted as a woman’s dress that has pockets.

The general feeder can accommodate around 35 pounds of duck food. It continues to supply feed constantly. The sturdy legs ensure it is grounded to the ground.

The bird feeder can be used outdoors since its well-thought-out design will not permit the feed to be lost to rain or the ducks. Some buyers thought it to be very fancy and needed to alter it to utilize it.

4. Royal Rooster Duck Feeder with Rain Cover

Its innovative design prevents ducks from throwing feed directly onto the ground. This feeder is great for cutting down on waste feed.

Watching your ducks scratch at all their food can be very depressing. This is why this feeder is ideal for solving this issue. Apart from conserving food, you’ll make money as well. This is an all-in-one deal!

With an umbrella to protect it from rain, This bird feeder comes with a rain cover. It can also be used to keep the food dry and clean.

This means you don’t have to worry about rain or dirt infiltrating the feeder. You can place it inside or outside the enclosure, and it’s secure.

The unique design helps keep rodents out of the food of your duck.

It’s elevated above the ground, making it difficult for animals in other areas to view or reach. Also, rodents, sparrows, and squirrels shouldn’t cause a problem.

Another benefit is that this feeder style is suitable for all types of feed. However, some reviewers suggest that it may clog with pellets.

However, others say they don’t have any problems with it. It’s really up to the person, or maybe the type of food they’re filling it up with.

5. Miller 9112 Galvanized Hanging Poultry Feeder

It is a common and inexpensive feeder used to feed ducks and poultry.

It can hold around 12 pounds of food, which could be fed to about seven ducks in 10 to 14 days.

It is made of galvanized steel which means that it will not rust easily and is an excellent option. You can feed the ducks with their food falling on the ground.

6. Automatic Bucket Feeder: 5 Gallon Bucket Feeder For Chickens/Ducks

Bucket feeders come with holes for birds to place their heads into. They are ideal for allowing multiple birds to eat at once and move. This is the kind of feeder for poultry that we typically utilize in our coops at the farmstead.

7. Little Giant High Capacity Poultry Feeder

It’s a Little Giant chicken feeder specially designed for the harsh and tough outdoor life. It’s the perfect choice for those looking to purchase a feeder that is affordable to use for outdoor activities on occasion.

This Little Giant’s most cherished invention is simple to assemble and includes all the necessary spare components: washer, tube base, nuts, and base. The anti-scratch coating does not simply ensure it will stand up to abuse but provides a smooth, fine appearance.

Its heavy-duty construction makes it extremely durable and also duck-friendly. The less complicated design makes the refill process less stressful and makes it easier for ducks to determine which food source to choose from.

However, it has received some bad reviews, stating that it’s “very” basic, it included a lack of materials, and spare parts could be changed, etc. It’s also significantly less expensive than other alternatives; therefore, you do not shell out for gold and expect diamonds to be returned.

8. KEBONNIXS Automatic Waterer and Feeder Set

Kebonnix’s port feeder and cup waterer differs from conventional plastic or metal waterers or duck feeders. It is now possible to spend less time and money feeding your ducks with less maintenance and fewer refills while knowing that your quacking buddies can always access clean, fresh drinking water and clean, dry feed!

This feeder has an automated cup-waterer that can be filled without picking any tabs. Due to its unique design, it’s very easy to clean.

In addition, the duck feeder also is equipped with a rain cover to keep food from becoming damp – keeping it dry and fresh for long periods.

It can also hold up to 2 gallons of drinking water and 10 pounds worth of food, meaning you’ll have less time when refilling.

9. Ware Manufacturing Feeder for Ducks and Chickens

They are inexpensive and simple feeders to attract ducks to your backyard.

They are made of galvanized metal, guaranteeing that it doesn’t cause corrosion.

It’s made to be constructed in a manner that will stop your birds from jumping the food and throwing it all across the place. This will help to prevent the loss of food.

It is easy to maintain since the feeder troughs work for the farmer who has little birds and plans to feed their birds daily.

While the feeders tend to tip over and will not be able to keep rodents or other animals from the food, you can mount them on the wall. (You can check out other models here)

Factors to Consider While Buying a Feeder:

Duck Feeder Size:

The size of your feeder depends on the floor space and how often you’ll have to replenish it.

Think about how much food it will hold, how many ducks it can feed at a time, and how much floor space you’re expecting to take up.

An average duck consumes about 1/3lbs to 3/8lbs per day.

Take the sum of these numbers multiplied by the number of ducks you need to find the duration of the food item that will last before it is time to refill.

It is best if you are planning to refill it when it is empty to keep your ducks content.

Size/Type of Ducks:

The dimensions of your birds and the kind of ducks that require the feeder are equally important. If the feeding areas aren’t big enough, large ducks might be unable to access the food. However, the feeders for ducks that are too big will result in food waste.

Three inches should be sufficient for most ducks, and 2” is for smaller birds, if you have any.

Feed Spillage:

One of the last things you need is to purchase an animal feeder that spills over the bulk of the food. A great feeder should limit spillage of food efficiently as feeding the duck.

A bird feeder can get messy due to ducks putting their beaks in a circle when they eat.

Although you can’t stop them from doing it, you can purchase feeders limiting the amount of food wasted.

The ideal feeder will allow your ducks to put their entire head into the feeder to minimize the amount of spilled food.

Floor Space:

The floor space is closely associated with the size of your feeder.

If you are limited in space on your floor, you can opt for tube-style duck feeders to prevent overcrowding your birds. They are usually smaller than a rough bucket feeder.

It is also important to ensure that you have enough feeder openings to hold all of your ducks.

It is best to reserve a spot. Each bird in the bin is at least 20 pounds. If the feeder is always stocked with sufficient food, competition among the ducks ought to be low.

Pest Access:

The most effective method is limiting or eliminating insects’ chances to eat your ducks’ diet.

This may not be possible in all cases. However, there are some methods to avoid unwanted visitors.

Then, you can put the feeder in the coop and do your best to make it mouse-proof. If you can, put the feeder with a lid.

If your coop is difficult for you to control, it could be great to test the weight-activated feeder (treadle feeder), and we’ll examine whether ducks could use these feeders.


You can choose three kinds of materials metal, plastic, or wood.

The choice of material must be based on the environment it’s going to. For example, wooden or plastic is not ideal for outdoor use.

Plastic is brittle after being exposed to prolonged hours of UV light, especially in the case of low-grade plastic.

The ideal duck feeder you can have outside is metal because it can withstand harsh weather conditions. Plastic feeders are the most affordable option for indoor use as well as sturdy.

Easy to Clean:

One of the most difficult issues that poultry farmers must deal with is maintaining their farm equipment, including feeders.

Choosing equipment that is easy to clean is best because it is crucial to wash feeders regularly.

A duck feeder with an angled base is more effective than one with sharp edges as it is less likely to have bits of food stuck within.

Multi-purpose Duck Feeder:

The ideal feeder is multipurpose. This is why you should look for the multipurpose feeder in your search for one.

Owning a mixed breed of chicken can save you money if you purchase feeders that other birds can use.

Multipurpose feeders must also accommodate various food items, including pellets grains, grains, soaked feed, and garden waste.

The most efficient multipurpose bird feeder for ducks is the bin feeder, which is easy to make at home or purchased at farm shops.

How To Make A Duck Feeder?

6 Best Duck Waterers:

1. Poultry Cup Waterers – Best Automatic Duck Waterer

The duck waterer is intended for any bird, such as turkeys, chickens, and ducks. It’s ideal for hot days because your ducks will be able to put their bills inside to enjoy an instant drink.

There are no tabs to press to start the water flow. The system can be an excellent choice for duck owners who aren’t likely to be around to refill your watering system all the time.

It is possible to use the drinker in a gravity-fed system (it can be attached directly to an empty bucket) or as part of a system with a pressure regulator or floating valve. This is the best waterer for ducks.

2. Harris Farms Poultry Drinker 3.5 Gal. Capacity

Am I looking for a feeder with plenty of features with minimal operating effort? Then you require the hanger feeders by Harris Farms.

This product is made from galvanized steel. It is not necessary to fret about birds destroying your investment.

It is an excellent feeder because it could contain as much as fifteen tons of feeding. It can feed a lot of birds over a long time.

Another great thing about this item is the fact that it has rolled edges. This will make it easier for birds to feed on the trough underneath the feeder.

The edges are rolled to ensure that your birds take advantage of their tasty food from any angle of the feeder without being injured or damaged to the trough.

The hanging feeder has an easy-to-mount handle. This allows for easier installation in any area of your farm.

Another fascinating aspect about the hanging feeders is that they’re designed to come with three spring-loaded clips.

These clips help set up the feed supply in the container. They also aid in the adjustment of the feed supply.

Another interesting aspect to consider about hanger feeders is their capacity to minimize the amount of waste.

The feeder slowly delivers food to the trough underneath. This is done to keep the bucket’s contents out of overflowing danger.

3. K&H Heated Poultry Waterer – Best Duck Waterer for Winter

The K&H pet products Thermo-Poultry Waterer can hold 2.5 Gallons of safe, fresh drinking water that is suitable for ducks and chickens.

One of the most notable features of this waterer electric is its 60-watt heating system which stops it from freezing even in cold temperatures.

The design is unique and prevents birds from roosting, which could dirty the water from waste.

The waterer comes with a simple-to-carry handle, a cap that can be used to prevent spills, and an adjustable filter ring that can be removed to allow easy cleaning.

For cleaning, you take the filter tray off and tap lightly to eliminate debris and waste, thus eliminating the need to drain.

The product is BPA-free and features a simple flow. This product is expensive, but remember that assembly is not needed before using it. This item is 6 pounds and isn’t likely to tip over.

The water used in this product is known to freeze at 9 degrees F and may leak.

However, many users have not had any issues. Due to its unique features, we believe this is the top overall duck waterer.

4. Backyard Barnyard 4 Pack Poultry Waterer [Best No Spill Duck Waterer]

The waterer for ducks made from Backyard Barnyard is advertised as being “no-peck.” The advantage?

There’s no need to fret about teaching your ducks an elaborate system since the toggle pull isn’t there, and there’s no push of the nipple – and there’s no stress whatsoever.

One drinker (they’re sold in four packs) will give you a full cup of water each time. It features a float control that allows the water you want for your bird to be controlled.

They’re simple to set up and compatible with many poultry watering systems, meaning they’re not only for ducks.

5. Royal Rooster Duck Poultry Twin Waterer – No Mess Duck Waterer

Royal Rooster is an automatic twin waterer designed for duck owners who wish to treat their chickens as royalty.

It’s one of the most innovative innovations to ensure that your ducks are supplied with enough water to keep them hydrated throughout the day.

The storage gallon can hold one gallon or more of water. Therefore, it can provide your ducks with water for a longer period. A lid for the gallon will prevent the water from being polluted.

6. Lixit 632 Feeder

This Lixit Poultry Feeder and Waterer is a great option if you’re looking for an affordable product.

The waterer features a large reservoir opening ideal for ducks to insert their entire beaks.

It also functions as a waterer as well as a feeder. Reverse the reservoir, then turn the bottom over.

It’s easy to clean, and you can choose between a 64-ounce or 128-ounce bundle of 2 of either size.

While it can also be used as a feeder, it might not be able to serve this purpose because the food might not flow via the holes.

The plastic can also crack in extreme temperatures. We believe this is the most effective duck waterer you can buy for a good product to water ducks.

How to Pick the Best Duck Waterer?

The Size Of Your Flock

Do you have one or two ducks? A dozen? The watering system you select must accommodate all your ducks, particularly in the case of chickens.

Duck waterers work well for chickens, too. If you own numerous birds, you’ll require access to each. Purchasing cups in individual containers could be your most effective option if you’re a large lot.

You’ll need a bucket drum or PVC pipe to connect the cups. This is the ideal solution if you have a lot of ducks.

The Height Of The Waterer

It is important to ensure the ducks can have quick access to waterers. Certain waterers can be connected to a mesh or wall.

If you decide to go this route, ensure the ducks have access to the waterer.

The Size Of The Cups

We know that ducks love playing in the water, so it’s crucial to ensure that the cup’s opening allows your ducks to play in the water with their beaks.

Some cups might be too small and only allow drinks. One good general rule is purchasing cups with approximately a 2.6-inch opening.

How to Keep Ducks From Spilling Water?

You can use some guidelines to stop your ducks from spilling their water throughout the bird coop. One tip is to ensure the water is set on a level surface.

If it’s not at a level when you fill it, and the water spills out, it could flow out by itself and create a sloppy mess! In the case of a watering device intended to be fixed on the wall or another fixture, ensure that you set it up correctly so that it doesn’t spill or overflow.

Engaging your ducks is another method to prevent their water from leaking everywhere. Ensure they have ample “yard time” or free-ranging time to ensure they aren’t bored. A bored duck is likelier to play and splash in the water!

How Do You Make A Duck waterer?

Best Thing To Feed Ducks:

1. Organic Grower Mash Chicken Feed

If you’re searching for the most effective feed for organic ducks, this could be the best option.

It’s non-GMO, so you can be confident that it’s safe for your pets. It’s got about 17% protein, which is enough for growing ducks and adults.

2. Purina Duck Feed Pellets 40 Lb

If you’re searching for the right feed for ducklings and adult ducks, you’ll find this Purine food pellet for ducks is for you.

It contains at the very least 0.75 per cent to 1.25 per cent calcium 65 ppm (or 25 mg) of Niacin per pound, which is essential for the growth and development of bones. It also has 19% protein as well as a host of other advantages in addition to.

While it’s a bit below the minimum protein requirement for ducklings, which is 20 percent.

3. Manna Pro Duckling And Gosling Starter

Ducklings have greater Niacin and protein requirements due to their rapid growth during the early weeks of their lives.

As mentioned earlier, they require an alimentation containing 20 per cent protein within 36 hours after hatching. This feed is among the top options for animals.

It has 22% protein and 35mg of Niacin per pound. 0.75 to 1.25 per cent Calcium, 1 % Lysine and 0.40 per cent Methionine are enough for rapid-growing ducklings.


The feeders and waterers must be as clean as possible throughout the day—cover feeders from the sun and wind, rain and snow to prevent the possibility of spoilage feed. Feed hoppers used outdoors must have lids that are securely fitted to the.

If feed hoppers have been placed in a pen or building and water sources are put outdoors, the hoppers must be secured overnight to keep the ducks from being choked by dry feed.

Water can be supplied by hand-filled water fountains or through automated waterers. The water source is above the wire flooring or over an unscreened drain inside to stop wet litter from accumulating.

The watering can be cleaned and sanitized using a non-toxic disinfectant available in the market at least three times per week.

Do not pour the rinse water onto the litter; instead, place it in an empty bucket and then remove the pen from it to ensure an environment that is dry and clean for the ducks.

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