Review: Baby Stroller 360-Degree Rotation Function

Are you shopping for baby things? Are you expecting or already nursing a child? Well, whichever be the case, you should choose a practical, flexible and versatile pram on your baby shopping list. Which other stroller has those qualities but the Baby Stroller 360-degree Rotation Function?

This Hot Mom Stroller easily move from a baby pram to a pushchair with a convertible seat unit or travel system in no time. The stroller comes with a wide enveloping hood that has a loop to hang your baby’s toys and so many features we shall review below. Read on to know more.

Baby Stroller 360-Degree Reviews:

This Hot Mom Baby Stroller features a 360-degree Rotation Function, Baby Carriage and PU leather Pushchair Pram. It’s a versatile unit that makes parenting easy and convenient. The stroller can be used for babies from 0 to 4 years of age. Either as a stroller, travel system or dining chairs, you cannot go wrong with this Hot Mom unit.

Loaded with so many features, you will think the Hot Mom 360-degree stroller is a space shuttle. With its 360-degree Panoramic Rotation, you can spin it to any direction as you so wish. Equipped with high-end safety features to protect your bundle of joy. Purchase of this stroller guarantees comfort, safety, flexibility, mobility and versatility.


360-Degree Rotation Function:

With one click, this stroller frame can spin full 360 degrees and have the pushchair attachment to be adjusted in both directions. The rotation function makes the stroller flexible and moveable. Accessing and playing with your baby by the mother comes easy.

Adjustable Seat:

Raise your child from baby to toddler with this Hot Mom stroller. To make this possible, the seat can be set in three inclinations 95-degree for sitting, 135 and 175-degree for resting – for babies.

Large Capacity Storage:

Equipped with a large storage tray basket to keep your baby’s essentials. The storage is located at the bottom of the stroller and quite assessable. It also has a carry bag to allow the easy storage of important belongings of the baby/mother.

Waterproof PU Leather:

The stroller features a stylish waterproof somatology safety standard 100% PU leather. The material can be cleaned easily and wet wiped seamlessly when dirty. It’s also dirt-resistant, wind and snow resistant.

PU Rubber Wheels:

The rear wheels of the stroller are made to resist damages. Made from top-quality rubber, these large tires are explosion-proof, puncture-proof hence require no inflation. Also, the front-wheels are non-slip, wear-proof and high-quality shock absorption feature for smooth rides.

Easy Installation/Folding:

Installing the stroller can be done effortlessly by following the simple installation instruction. More so, you can fold the stroller snuggly and tuck it away in your car trunk for traveling.

Pram Vs. Dining Chair:

Standing at a height of 29.53 inches, this stroller doubles as a dining chair. Whether at home or outings, your baby enjoys eating while on his mobile dining chair.

Extended Canopy:

With its large canopy, your child can be protected from the sun, wind and rain.

Clear Canopy Window:

With the clear canopy window, you can keep an eye on your child while strolling with him or sleeping in the pram.

Luxury Seat:

Equipped with an ergonomic seating unit for the ultimate comfort of your child. The wide seat comes with soft padding and a ventilation net for adequate air circulation.

Protection Feature:

Equipped with a 5-point safety harness to keep your baby from falling off. The mosquito nets that come with the stroller protects your child from mosquito bites.

Simple Handling:

The stroller comes with many features that make it easy to handle. It features an easy folding mechanism, height-adjustable handlebar, easy-to-operate parking brake and removable bumper bar.


  • Manufacturer: Hot Mom
  • Model Number: F023
  • Net Weight: 35 pounds
  • Dimension: 13.39 x 33.86 x 44.88 inches
  • Material Type: Aluminum Alloy frame, PU rubber wheel, and PU leather seat
  • Harness Type: 5 point


Q: How to Install the Hot Mom Stroller

A: Installing the Hot Mom Stroller involves a series of processes which are available in the instructional manual. Which we have summarized below:

  1. Open the box and bring out all the components and accessories of the stroller
  2. Pull the handlebar up until it clicks to full unfolding
  3. Place the rear wheel axle into the hole of the rear wheel frame
  4. Clip the shape ring along the groove on the wheel to keep the axle in position
  5. Position the front wheel then insert it to the front wheel axle
  6. Line up the slot on the front wheel with the white button, then press down the white button and fix the straight direction
  7. Pull up the white button for the front wheel with 360-degree rotation
  8. Press the silver rear wheel disassembly button while you push the wheel in
  9. Attach the safety belt then insert it behind the seat into the metal clip
  10. Insert the waist harness onto the shoulder harness
  11. Place the previous finished safe harness set into the buckle
  12. Place the car seat with adaptor into the stroller seat connector
  13. Draw the zipper between the carrycot/seat and canopy
  14. Open the clip of the canopy frame and insert the canopy by aiming at the rivet of the seat/carrycot frame. After inserting, close the button
  15. Fix the bump bar directly
  16. Insert the car seat adaptor onto the car seat hole under each car seat handle
  17. Secure the carrycot cover in place by fastening the poppers on each side
  18. Hold down the round plastic button on both sides both and adjust the seat to your desired position from the three available position
  19. Keep pressing the button behind the seat connector, adjust the connector to your desired position – you have three available positions. After you are done, put back the seat/carrycot.
  20. Hold down the adjustment button on the handlebar, pull it up to any of the four available positions
  21. Attach the button part of the footmuff to the underside of the pushchair frame, then wrap the top part of the footmuff under and over the bumper bar and secure it in place using the poppers.
  22. Line up the seams on the mosquito net with the seam on the hood
  23. Line up the seams on the rain cover with the seams on the hood. Open the window using the Velcro to make for ventilation

Q: How to Fold the Hot Mom Stroller

A: To fold the Hot Mom Stroller make us of the following instruction:

  1. Push the handlebar down while folding the handle-downward and when you get close to the button until you get close to the button of the frame
  2. Now press the unlock button to unlock the handle while pressing the folding button on the handlebar.
  3. Strike down on the bar once in time until it automatically folded
  4. Keep pressing the folding button while you light the stroller up
  5. The folded stroller new becomes portable for traveling or keeping in your car’s trunk.


We know you like to join the league of hot moms out there when you go strolling with your baby. We, therefore, recommend that you get your own Baby Stroller 360-degree Rotation Function. We know this review has been a great benefit to you. Hope you are making your purchase today? All the best.

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